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Circus, rescue ducks and Yin Yoga!

Bit of time to reflect!

Circus Act

Its Friday! Oh yeah! We are off to Gifford’s Circus tonight. If you haven't been...why not? Its truly magical; a moment out of your day-to-day with crazy acts, live music, fabulous costumes and a beautifully styled circus tent to boot. For years now I have wanted to book into the foodie bit before hand as well, but always book my tickets too late. One day! So Emma's clever plan (yes, we are total geeks and even though we work together all the time, we still hang out when we are not) is to get a yummy supper from Cotswold Baguettes in Stow and have our own little alfresco dining on the field before the performance starts.

Duck Rescue

Jess the vet dropped me a text yesterday to say her practice had been contacted by someone desperately needing to home two ducks. Well, of course, I was on it immediately and will be journeying off to pick up the 10 week old pair this afternoon after our candle workshop and before enjoying our lovely circus evening tonight. Its a drake and his gal so I am thinking maybe Bertie and Beryl. But as any parent knows, you need to see them properly before deciding on a name.

Pics: Daphne and Batman (old timers), Possibly Beryl (being rescued later) and Peking and his mate in the river.

This weeks obsession

Furoshiki and the amazing ladies at Zusetsu. Our obsession with all thing cool and Japanese is fully rekindled after a cuppa in the tent yesterday with Cathy Hughes who runs Zusetsu along with her daughter-in-law Yukki. Cathy's knowledge and love of the art Furoshiki is completely infectious and left Emma and I thinking about Japanese tea ceremonies and Japanese cake offerings we can do to compliment the session. Our first session is running on Saturday 3rd July.

Obviously such a busy week was enhanced by Yin Yoga with Roisin on Tuesday. All part of the stringent preparation for our Wellbeing Day (first one is next Friday 18th June)...its a hard life having to practice yoga in a meadow with friends but someone has to do it! The day also includes meditation, learning to practice reflexology on your own hands as well a delicious lunch, smoothies and candle making. Sounds good right?

Right, off to enjoy making candles with some lovely ladies celebrating a rather special birthday.

Enjoy the heatwave weekend!

Melinda & Emma

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