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New style

Hello there! Despite the clear blue skies and beautiful pink sunrise, the weather is still quite chilly. We've decided to mix things up a bit with our regular blog sections and add in some new features, including a recipe library, a section about our weird friends, and special coupons. And, by popular demand, we'll be including more segments that poke fun at Emma. (Okay, that last one was just me thinking we should do more of that!)

Recipe library

If you've ever visited our studio, you may have noticed that we often receive compliments on our baking. Our guests sometimes ask if they can have the recipe, and we love it when they share their fantastic recipes with us too. This week, we are featuring Cherry Bakewell on our menu, which is a firm favourite among our guests. The picture you see here is the actual cake that Emma made this morning for our lovely dentist group who are coming this evening for their Christmas Party (Dentists have a different calendar for Christmas!). It's a lovely recipe from BBC Good Food, and if you're a fan of bakewell, we highly recommend giving it a try.

Weird Friends

There are a lot of weird people out there, but it seems like we attract a higher-than-normal quota of them. Maybe that's because we're a bit weird too? Today, I was doing yoga with a friend who shall remain nameless to protect her identity. She made a move that made me almost pee myself from laughter. We were doing the crouching frog position when she gracefully fell back into what I'm calling the upside-down ladybird. Honestly, you had to be there, it was hilarious!

This same friend is a bit of a weirdo. A few days earlier, Emma had told us that her dog Oti couldn't come running with us because she she's still got a bit of a limp. And this friend, being the super kind weirdo that she is, offered to pop around and massage Oti's leg.

Come on - isn't that weird? However, apparently Oti loved it and has requested another massage session next week, so what do I know?


Our little feathered friends are coping well with the temperature of -7 degrees Celsius. They are receiving extra peas to keep them cheerful and a little extra grain to maintain their healthy weight. However, the local birds, including Ronald the Robin, his merry Starling and tit friends, are facing some challenges due to the presence of an unruly group of visiting Blackbirds and a Crane that lands in the field. Although there is plenty of food to go around, Batman, the oldest male duck, likes to assert his dominance to show he's the boss. Overall, the birds are getting a little bored and are looking forward to welcoming Larkswold guests who want to hang out with them and take photos.

Special Last Minute Glass Fusing Offer

I said there were going to be special coupons and here's the first! Would you like to come to our Glass Fusing Workshop this Sunday 21st January 2-5pm? If so then you're in luck as you can get 20% off with this code: JanSpecial

Simply enter JanSpecial in the 'Promo code' box at Checkout to receive 20% off - that's £64pp instead of £80pp. Hope you can come!

What's new

We are excited to announce that our upcoming craft club event on Wednesday is now free! We believe it's a great opportunity for craft enthusiasts to socialize and have fun together. We have stocked our bar with all the essentials including white wine, red wine, gin, and prosecco. Additionally, we will be offering coffee, tea, cake, and bubbly from the hatch. So, feel free to book in and enjoy the company of fellow crafters while sipping your favourite drink. We look forward to seeing you there! As a special launch of our free Craft club, why not come along and order something from the bar and use our special 10% discount code - JAN CRAFT 10

We had a lovely time with our leather and silver clay tutors this week, creating new workshops and 6-week courses which we hope to launch soon.

We've noticed that some of our website users have been having trouble finding future workshop dates when they click on the "Book Now" button. Currently, clicking the button takes you to a page displaying the next upcoming session. If you want to see future dates, simply click on the day after the current session and a button 'Check Next Availability' will appear allowing you to view future dates. We hope this makes the process easier for you!

I think that's it from me today. Enjoy your weekend, and see you soon,


M x

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Melinda Nicholds-Brown
Melinda Nicholds-Brown
Jan 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great read. So well written 😎

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