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25% Off Spoon Carving

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

We are nearly at the end of our stint at Winchcombe Station and Adam's Farm Park.

A few days off for the Larkswold crew - maybe a little gardening, lampshade making and general life laundry, then we are off to the races with a few Larky friends for a jolly!

So back in the studio we have a few things going on; candles, beeswax and mosaic this week and spoon carving (3 places left) on Sunday.

"Ben is a great tutor and will help you craft your very own individually carved spoon"

If it’s lovely and sunny, you can enjoy the fresh outside air whilst sat by the river carving- but as we all know, our weather is a little temperamental at the mo and so there is always the option to retreat into our cosy warm studio instead.

Coming on your own or as a treat with family or friends you will leave tired but proud of your amazing spoon creation. Use code SPOON at checkout to gain 25% off.

Enjoy the weekend!



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