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Plot Twist - Old Chapel Ellenborough

Em and I had a lot of fun this week at Ellenborough Park Hotel making scented wax melts with all the movers and shakers in the luxury travel market. The guests were 40 travel agents and travel suppliers brought together by Aspire. We were the light entertainment at the end of their full day of presentations and slumming it at the 5 star Ellenborough Park!

Everyone had a fab time we have been told and we think we might of blagged our way onto a Carribean luxury cruise ship and maybe some swanky hotels in Surrey! But the real twist is that I think we have helped secure our future business with Ellenborough by creating the most adylic scent in their stunning old Chapel thanks to all the essential oils used during our session. So if you are over at Ellenborough this weekend and thinking how wonderful the hotels attention to detail has been that the chapel is scented with Rose, Lavender and Bergamot - you know who to thank.


Not just any new ducklings - these are Birdland hand delivered ducklings. Thanks to my new favourite friend Emily @ Birdland, two new 7 week old black runner ducks have now got a new home at Larkswold. As all young runners - they are currently acting like you would like to murder them as soon as touch them and have been quacking nuts since arriving yesterday. Little food bribes of peas and lettuce have helped them settle in and they were popped back in their little travel basket and put in the inner coup last night when the mafia (PeiKing, Batman and Bertie my old drake runners) went to bed. This morning I managed to let the old men out and left the new kids on the block inside to continue aclimatising. I am a little sorry that whilst chatting to Emma and looking out the window I noticed I had forgotten to switch off the electric fence and Batman did strange quack and excited dance when he tried to get in close to the fence to intimidate my newbies!

Cotswold Tourism - Networking Pro's

Gone are the days when Emma would shy away from networking saying she is no good at small talk or any of that stuff. She is now the one booking us in and ensuring one of us has actually remembered to bring some leaflets.

This week it was the turn of the super cool Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester opposite the church on the market square. The event was very atmospheric and was held the the vault of the 500 year old hotel. We wore our branded clothing which saves people the bother of wondering where the two crazy women are from who keep using the wrong words in sentences. My personal favourites on this occassion was Emma telling someone that leather workshops are great bisexual sessions (she meant unisex) and me asking a unsuspecting Olivia from Cotswold Farm park if she was the new Archie - she responded like a real pro by saying ' Yes I am the new Archie and Bo is the new Charlotte and someone else was the new Laura'. Digital media is a fast moving industry so I wasn't surprised. But the prize for best lines defintely goes to Joanna the GM at the Kings Head who shared that her auto correct had meant she had sent a thankyou to Hidcote to say "Her and her colleage had spent a wonderful time under the head gardener during their visit!

Nope - just remembered my intro to Brigitte (top left picture) "Oh your the lady who moves the Mail on Sunday newspapers from the paper rack in Sainsburys to the toilet section"

As I said - Em and I have totally nailed this make yourself memorable thing!

Up Next:

Leather Lead and Collar Workshop

Thursday next week is another Dog Collar and Lead leather working session after our monthly networking meeting in the studio. We have three spots left if anyone wants to pamper their pooch.

Lino Printing

We are having a big of a surge on Lino Printing bookings at the moment. We have 2 sessions booked for the week after the bank holiday.

9th May : 4 spots left

11th May: 2 spots left

Stained Glass Workshop

When you get a new crafty addiction its best just to go in all guns. And it’s nice to see that some of you have done so with our new 2 day stained glass workshop. One guest has already booked herself a lovely little room at Daylesford so she can enjoy an entire weekend of loveliness even though she only lives in Cheltenham - total respect.

- Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th June

- Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September

Willow Sculpture

Saturday 18th May is our next willow sculpture workshop with spaces.

Enjoy your weekend!


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