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Welcome to Larkswold

In the famous poem 'Adlestrop' by Edward Thomas, he describes Adlestrop station in full summer splendour, rejoicing in the "willows, willow-herb, grass and meadowsweet and haycocks dry".  

At the very site of the pause in his journey, Adlestrop's Station Master's house remains, surrounded by the same breathtaking countryside, only now providing an inspirational setting for creative crafting workshops.


In the beginning

A curious mind and a love of creativity

When we first moved to the Cotswolds in 2016, I joked that the headmistress had taken pity on me and thought I needed some friends!  She recommended I might get on well with Emma Birch, Theo and Jessica-May's Mum.

Well she was right and we have been buddies ever since. When I decided that I wanted to take my love of creativity and make better use of the beautiful site we live on, Emma was always my partner in crime.

Larkswold grew from the desire to build a business that brought joy and warmth. We aim to bring the sense of rejuvenation that comes from being in a beautiful, 

natural environment with warm, genuine people.  


Learning, creating or making something new can immerse you into a state of flow for a few hours, before you return to the real world, feeling refreshed and restored.

There have been many more amazing people and businesses that have helped us along the way, and I hope when you visit you get to meet and experience a few of them.

     Melinda & Emma

Take Your Place

Take your place for a few hours or even a whole day.  Wholesome food, warm company, and gentle artistic pursuits led by friendly craftspeople.  


Taking inspiration from the river, meadows and country garden, release your creativity and experience a rush of pride as your creation

takes shape.  


With workshops ranging from lino and block printing to willow-weaving and candle making, it is the perfect setting to expand your portfolio at a relaxed pace.

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