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"Don't think twice. Just go. Magical spot and people who want you to learn but also enjoy yourself."

Ben Cotton


Free: Discovery Session

If you are the one tasked with sorting out the team building, away day, corporate something or other, but feel a little unsure if Larkswold creative time is right for you and your colleagues - why not come to one of our FREE discovery sessions in our studio?

Team Building with Larkswold

Since starting back in 2020 we have hosted oodles of team building workshops, provided space for companies to hold meetings, refuel over a delicous lunch as well as have some fun getting creative.  Be it arm-knitting, block printing, leather work or silver-smithing there is something to cater for your teams needs.  We are the alternative to dinner and too many drinks (which I am not knocking), or team tasks such as build a raft or a spaghetti tower. 

Whether you want to bring your team (upto 20) to our studio in the Cotswolds or let us come to you for 20+ at your offices or a swanky hotel the choice is yours.

Most sessions are from 2hr-3hrs, or all day and can be bespoked to cater for your team to meet in a beautiful rural location (only 10 minutes from train station to London Paddington).  

Our newest offering is in conjunction with Tracy from Tapestries supporting 'TeamTime' session focuses on getting your team to work better together - to drive performance for the business whilst developing resilience, agility & sustainability.  The combination of experiential learning together as a team, being in community & crafting together will create an experience that can be built on when they return to work.


Taster Session

Happy crafter

Why bring the team?

Because you know your team will love it


Problem Solving

Art encourages creative thinking and lets you come up with your own unique ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. Arts & crafts help us to concentrate on details and pay more attention to our environment, allowing us to see more details about a theme or problem. It has been claimed - entrepreneurs, leaders, inventors and artists all have fantastic observation skills - our experieince is the real workplace benefits of seeing the different ways people view things. 



In the largest study of its kind, with almost 50,000 people taking part, the Great British Creativity Test - in partnership with UCL - explored for the first time how creative activities can help us manage our mood and boost wellbeing.

Led by Dr Daisy Fancourt, UCL Senior Research Fellow and former BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker, the research shows there are three main ways we use creativity as coping mechanisms to control our emotions:

  1. A distraction tool - using creativity to avoid stress.

  2. A contemplation tool – using creativity to give us the mind space to reassess problems in our lives and make plans.

  3. A means of self-development to face challenges by building up self-esteem and confidence.


Feel Good

Crafting creates a situation very similar to that of meditation.  When engaged in a craft, you are focusing on the here and now.  In those moments, time stands still.  You are able to forget the stressors of day to day life and be part of something completely separate. In addition, crafting stimulates the production of dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, that is responsible for pleasure and enjoyment.


Shared Experience

Creativity is no longer a side dish for organisations; in fact, there is an expanding measure of studies that have discovered whatever the profession, bringing creativity into the workplace has various benefits. Not only does creating art allow us to make a bonding experience with others, which eases collaboration, it can also encourage individuals to value diverse thinking from numerous perspectives. 

What next...

focus on feathers.jpg

We would love to hear more about your team and help you create the perfect team event for you.

If you have a date, number of guests, budget and an idea of what you want to do? GREAT

Literally have no idea about any of this, but just want to start talking to get a feel for what is available? Also totally fine.

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