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50% Sale!

In honour of our 2nd birthday this summer, we have selected 2 days for a special Larkswold sale. This means that on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th July (that's next week!) we are offering our Lino Printing, Candle Making and Beeswax Wrap Workshops at a whopping 50% discount. That means you can skip along to the studio and enjoy 2hrs of Larkswold bliss for as little as £27.50! I know, it's worth it just for the coffee and cake.

Bring your bestie, your daughter, your partner, your mother or hey just bring you, but get booking and come celebrate our birthday with us.

Have I mentioned that the rather awesome Prue Leith came and did beeswax wraps with us as part of her 80th Birthday celebrations? I probably have, but these versatile little wraps are so easy to make and can last for ages meaning you can bin the clingfilm and get all stylish with loads of our super cute cotton fabrics.

If you haven't been to make candles with us yet, you wont have experienced the utter joy of selecting colours, essential oils and pretty pressed flowers to decorate your four individual candles. And yes, if you are that person (there is always one in every candle group) that wants to make Christmas candles in the summer months - you can - we won't judge you.

Finally if the last time you cut lino was at school, then things have really moved on. With easy to carve lino and a range of carving tools to try out the time flies. Remember to leave enough time to create prints to frame and maybe some bespoke greetings cards.

On Tour (Silly pretend interview video.....we were a little bored)

We popped over to Little Wolford this week, to talk to the lovely WI ladies about Furoshiki. Emma wowed them with her impressive scarf knot skills and demonstrated how to wrap gifts, make a rucksack and most importantly gift wrapping a bottle of vino!

Flock Update

My duck pond is going well. It now has rocks and we are working on grabbing a few reeds from the river to create that ' Oh so authentic rural duck pond look' and if I am honest, it will help to hide the green hue of the duck poo! But its all worth it to see their little ducky bottoms bob up while they act like proper ducks enjoying their daily swim.

The chicks are getting bigger by day. Thanos and Big Red (the co parenting ladies) have become a smidge less aggressive towards anyone who tries to go near their babies and Sebastian the cockerel is even acting quite fatherly and hanging out with his little ones... until he gets bored and wants to go and mate with Felicity again - who trust me, would rather he didn't.

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