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For those that do follow a bit of Larkswold day to day goings on, you'll know I like to talk about Joy. It's what life should be about. What is bringing you joy at the moment?

For me, it's all the basics such as a bunch of bright daffodils, chatting to my flock and genuine smiles and giggles from my family (ok, Phil the hubbie doesn't really do the smiling giggling stuff - but Jo and Eddie the kids do).

I would like to add to my Joy list the following:

The school run: Controversial I know, but I looked up today, away from the tractor doing his very best to get past 30mph up the hill with a massive stack of straw bales, and was reminded that the landscape across Stow-on-the-Wold is just stunning.

Emma's amazing social media skills; she really can be a whizz. She has just uploaded all these clever video clip things to some of our partner booking platforms... and I might not have helped by saying they are ace and you must put them all on our website instantly as they are amazing.

Looking forward to things: I pulled my finger out and booked a week by the coast. I keep peeking at the pictures of where we are staying to get a quick happy rush.

Emma's family took the plunge and booked weekend tickets for The Big Feastival at the end of August. Last year we were working there, looks like she's planning to party this time!

Valentines Biscuits - Scented Candle making - Arm knitting - Framed Lino Printing - Silversmith: Rings or Bangles - Spring wreaths

Larkswold Networking Club: Keeping with the theme of togetherness we have also launched a networking club to support any fellow small business peeps, or anyone really, looking to get out of the day job for a couple of hours and meet, greet and eat cake. More the merrier is our view. First club date is Friday 4th March £8 (There's no cheaper way to get hold Larkswold yummy cake!) We start at 9-9.30am and you get politely coerced to the door at 11am so we can start our Friday afternoon craft sessions.

It might be a non starter, but if you have a club or a thing you wanted to find a lovely venue for, give us a call; we might be able to help you out.

Flock News: Dora hurt her foot this week. Well actually it was last Sunday and the poor willow weavers in the Studio had to put up with Dora coming in for a bit of cuddle time after I had bandaged up the toe she had hurt. It was touch and go, but Pip the sprointer (she's a Springer Pointer cross) very kindly gave up her dog crate in the kitchen so that Dora the chicken could have a night of pampering with us. Otherwise they are all good, although I think one of the ducks might find themselves in a pancake if they keep splashing the paddling pool water all over the studio windows after Emma's just cleaned them all...

Other news: We finally got the coat rack back up, and we've been talking to some lovely new creatives who are coming to run wooden spoon carving, vintage cupcake decoration and biscuit icing. Oh and Emma started to learn how to weave a sisal stool.

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: Happy Birthday Emma. Its been a blast working with you for the last 2 years. Looking forward to many more!

Melinda x

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Feb 04, 2022

Such a lovely partnership and friendship x

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