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And they call this real work!

So hi, I'm Stella! and have just spent the week with Melinda and Emma at the Larkswold marquee.....

here are my reflections!

After a week in the heat, experiencing the ins and outs of Larkswold, I can say I've thoroughly enjoyed my work experience here! The atmosphere that has been created is brilliant, with beautiful views and a wonderful range of animals, which creates the perfect place for a day out with a lovely group of friends. You will be offered endless amounts of wonderful cakes while being able to have a good gossip.

Throughout my week here I've turned my hand to so many activities that have given me a true insight into how a business is run, ranging from planning a new building using a criteria matrix, to making my own lampshade or being lovingly attacked by Big Red (a chicken) as well as baking a wide variety of cakes and experimenting with new vegan recipes. I can definitely say I've learnt a lot from this past week, strengthening my planning skills for the Big Feastival that will take place in Kingham at the end of August and all the things that need to be considered when partaking in a big event, things like health and safety but also the equipment that you're bringing as well as the type of workshops they will run.

It has been extremely useful working with the Larkswold team, running up to the Big Feastival. I have an interest in pursuing event management, so seeing the planning that goes in from a business point of view, gave me a new insight of the overall construction of a festival but also the thrill that it brings to each business. It has been exciting discovering all the possibilities that are available to Larkswold when they take part in the Big Feastival and creating little products like the solid perfumes that can be given out throughout the weekend and the flower crowns.

Finally, my favourite part of being at Larkswold is the incorporation with the animals, having the chickens and ducks roam freely around makes the experience greatly enjoyable and then being able to use the eggs in the baking and food goes to show how fresh and natural everything is, which just makes it all taste amazing! On top of this you are always guaranteed a friendly greeting from their dog Pip who manages to have a beaming smile and a spring in her run, despite the extreme heat from this week.

It has truly been a great experience with a wide variety of tasks ensuring there is never a dull moment. I would recommend Larkswold to anyone who enjoys a good chat in a beautiful area while being able to create something that can genuinely be used in your everyday life. You will go home satisfied with your creation as well as with a stomach filled with goodness.

Stella x

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