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Awesome Autumn

I actually can’t believe a week has flown by since our last Friday blog!

Lets kick off with flock shot (much easier to type than say)

The good news (well for us and the people coming today) is that we have another wonderful Autumn wreath workshop. I am sure it didn't used to be a thing - Autumn Wreaths, but now I just can’t imagine this time of year without them.

The weather has been typically Autumnal with rain, scorching sun, wind, rain, mild sun, cloud, rain, flood risk, rain, 25 degrees heatwave and back to meh - you know, usual British weather! It’s great to get out in between showers and forage for Hydrangea flowers, pampas, bay leaves and check on the dried lavender, poppy heads and wheat. Emma has excelled herself producing about a billion willow wreath rings for guests to use as stunning rustic backdrops to the rest of the floral loveliness.

Anyhoo - I am adding a new update section this week to the blog... things we still haven't got round to doing - know that feeling? On todays list would be:

exactly where are the windows & door going to be on our new building, and in fact, what are we going to use for tables? Oh and we probably should agree on the lighting.... I know, small things in the grand scheme of things. I keep on thinking I would like to create a scale model of the new Studio (used to love doing scale models for school production set designs; there is nothing you can’t create with a bunch of lolly sticks and some wood glue)

Also on the list is a LinkedIn campaign to attract local businesses to come and have an away day in the marquee with a space for a meeting if they want, a yummy Larkswold lunch and then something creative in the afternoon.

That teen programme (I mentioned it last week) - really need to load it up to the website so all those interested can actually book.

What else? Trillions of things I am sure :-)

More interestingly, we have totes cracked yummy vegan cake. Banana chocolate and walnut is winning hands down, but chocolate torte and lemon cake really aren't the poor relatives either. My ducks and chickens have taken it well... well, I say that - they have been staring menacingly at Emma while she washes up, but I think that's more to do with the possibility she might open the box of mealworm for them.

Thanks to those who have written reviews for us. They make such a massive difference to people finding us on the tinterweb as our listings go up the ratings; and if you havent yet had a go feel free to give it a try on google (cheeky I know, but Christmas is coming and we have mouths to feed)

I think that's it for today. We have two of our coolest regulars coming on Monday morning to make Lampshades and some other fab regulars are bringing back friends and family for autumn wreaths on Wednesday. Spaces on both if you fancy a little Larkswold me time.

We have also added Calligraphy to the half-term week on Thursday 28th October in the morning. Clever old Caroline our silversmither had a fab idea yesterday when I mentioned we had Calligraphy coming up. She said she had seen someone doing personalised crackers for Christmas. what do you think?

Andy her partner popped in for a coffee as well and freaked us all out by highlighting that Ladybirds bite!

1) no I didn‘t want to know that

2) as long as they stay in their part of the marquee..... I’ll stay in mine.

Enjoy the weekend!

Melinda x

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