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Bridal Shower v Hen Do?

What is the difference I hear you say? Well, until I did a little Google search the other day, I would have assumed that a bridal shower was the American term for hen do (don't know why), but in fact a bridal shower is a more sophisticated style of a hen do...

Google says "These two celebrations may seem similar, however they're actually vastly different. Hen nights are known for being a bit wild. They often involve lots of alcohol, nudity and just general debauchery or mischief. The bridal shower is a tamer party that tends to be multi-generational and quite sophisticated"

Interesting! Well, we have certainly had plenty of incredibly classy hen do's at Larkswold over the past year and a half of our existence. We have also hosted quite a few 'Non Hen-do, Hen do's'. These tend to be for brides to be that fancy gathering a few friends or family, but really hate the idea of a willy straw or L plate coming anywhere near them - I totes understand where they are coming from.

Our Hen Groups to date have planted Spring wreaths, made Autumn Wreaths & Scented Candles, enjoyed Glass Fusing & Macrame. In the Autumn we have one booked where guests are joining for all or part of a day which includes a different craft in the morning, then lunch, then a second craft - that will be a really great day I recon!

Anyhoo, we love you brides to be whatever you want to call your special party. So much so, that we have created a dedicated page on our website just for such occasions. Why not pop over and take a look all you "Head-of-organising-said-special-occasion-Maids-of-Honour".

I have plans to get Big Red (head honcho chicken if you aren't familiar with my flock) to do a little video clip with a voice over telling people how she loves to be part of a good hen do and would fully recommend the location to those thinking of coming to Larkswold. I am working with Ed (my 12yr old son) on how to technically make that happen.

We think a good celebration requires scones and afternoon tea served in pretty vintage crockery with a proper linen tablecloth, napkins and a vase of flowers. I am becoming quite obsessed with iced shortbread as well, but currently perfecting my icing skills (watch this space)

What else? Well if you haven't already got plans for your little people for the Platinum Jubilee weekend we are hosting a Jubilee craft party at The Cotswold Farm on Friday 3rd June in the afternoon. We'll be doing Union Jack bird box painting or decoupage and themed gingerbread biscuit decorating. The Farm Park are locating us next to the bar this time as we do understand that parents sometimes like a little tipple whilst supporting their tiny peeps in a good craft session!

Other than that, Emma is fully immersed in prom dress creation (for Jess her daughter, not herself) and I am dabbling in a little dried and fresh flower crown practice.

Enjoy your weekend and if you know any brides to be (or would like to drop some subtle hints to a friend, sibling or daughter) do forward details of our fancy new webpage for Hens.

Melinda x

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