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Brrrrrr! what's that all about....

Its starting to get a little bit Brrrrrrrr! I am thinking its time for spiced apple ginger cake....actually it feels like pudding and custard should be on the Larkswold cake bar. Any thoughts? Obviously we have Emma's delicious mince pies in December, but shouldn't October and November get something special?

The Studio

Oh gawd. Pressing the button to pay the deposit on Monday was a little bit scary. We have chosen TimberKing to supply and build our new studio. So far Tom has put up with us asking about a billion questions and changing window options another billion. I am already visualising a fantastic log burner (not yet costed in to project) and stunning Larkswold lampshades.

In fact, I am rather in love with my latest little lampshade. I I sed our guests on Wednesday to help me choose a fabric and then found the lovely blue decanter which sets it off beautifully. If you haven't made a lampshade need to. In the words of a recent guest, it’s ‘monumentally satisfying!’ I love that they are such a great simple thing that brightens up a room interior. Emma said no, but I couldn't help myself, so I have ordered a 700mm frame to have a little play with!!

The Flock

The flock have managed to clear the veg patch where the new studio will be located with a little help from Phil. Everyone has been behaving quite well. Felicity seems to have height issues at the moment and keeps trying to perch higher than everyone else. Big Red took a real shine to one of the guests bare toes and had to be shooed away, repeatedly! She vocalised her disgust very loudly.


As with lampshades, Emma has led the way on these wonderful crafts. I honestly think her patience and skill could get anyone to create these lovely lap blankets in 3hrs. It’s such a rewarding craft to learn & walk away with a snuggly blanket. Pat and Jennie brightened up the marquee on Saturday making theirs...

We are looking forward to a 'Day of loveliness' next Friday where guests make both arm knitted blankets and Autumn Wreaths as well as having their strengths sustained with yummy Larkswold lunch.

For those of you who have had a Larkswold lunch you will note I have not said 'light' lunch as you all seem to think thats a little misrepresentative when we bring out such a good selection of dishes. But as with the cake, we are toying with what an Autumnal Larkswold lunch might be?

What else? We need to find more wonderful ways to promote ourselves and get peeps booking their days of loveliness with us and telling their friends. If you havent already, we would be most grateful if you could leave us a google review or share us on social media. If you have a WI group you would like us to come and do a talk at, just ask, or maybe you want to convince your boss that the team needs a chocolate truffle making session to increase team engagement?

Right - Lino tomorrow morning, followed by Macrame. See you all soon.

Melinda x

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