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Can we build it?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

YES YES YES we can!!!

We have been talking about a more robust building for Larkswold for ages. First we wanted a building on stilts to go in the field - planners said NO. Then we wanted to convert the garage, then maybe a cabin next to the garage, then guests reminded us how much they love the light airy feeling of the marquee so we took a pause for thought and went to Big Feastival.

But we aren't ones to sit on our laurels, and we have now chosen to locate a wonderful cabin down towards the woodland area behind the current marquee (and the super fancy toilet that anyone who has been in the last month will have seen).

James the tree surgeon has been sensitively clearing the canopies to provide us with space and light in our new location. This Sunday I will be finding new homes for the raspberry bushes and one or two bits from the veg patch and cutting garden. Fingers crossed, Monday will be pressing the button on ordering the building.

Friday 1st October: We would love to see you at the marquee between 10am-1pm for our Macmillan coffee morning.

Bring a cake or just eat ours :-)

Before all of that though, we get a little more loveliness (I know, it’s hard life being us) with scented candles today, and tomorrow as well as arm knitting and autumn wreaths. We have ordered a small stock of wool so if you fancy being spontaneous, you can book in and select one of our pre selected colours. (buttercup, teal, grey, raspberry plus one or two more).

We have been working hard gathering eucalyptus, hydrangeas, lavender and we popped out this afternoon to help trim back a few friends gardens to gather a little more foliage for autumn wreaths this weekend. Got a hydrangea bush that wouldn't mind a little trim? Just let us know.

Enjoy your weekends and don't forget to book something lovely to look forward to :-)

Melinda x

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