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Chocolate Truffles

Luxurious silky chocolate paired with champagne cream or maybe a chocolate orange combo. Making 20 of your very own truffles at our chocolate truffle workshop can pose a very difficult decision for you. Give as a gift to a dear friend or deserving family member or scoff the lot yourself? It's a tough call and no one at Larkswold will judge your decision.

Our Christmas truffles session runs on Saturday 4th December and we have 6 spots left.

Emma and I took a little Monday night trip to Cheltenham to see the Rocky Horror show. We didnt really get the sexy/vampy look quite right (more like Daphne from Scooby Doo and her cool 70's friend). A first for Emma as well as trying Sushi at Kibou before hand.

Shameless Christmas promotion has now begun. We have just released a new date for Willow Stags head to run on Sunday 20th November. It's a little different to our normal day as we will start at 1pm and have a little light supper about 5pm finishing the session at around 7pm. There are 7 places still up for grabs and then that's all of our willow sculpture sessions fully booked this year.

Feathered and furry friends update

Yep - the flock is back in flockdown until further notice. Frederick "the chosen one" cockerel has also been allowed to get in (rather than sleeping in the tree above the coup). They aren't very impressed, but begrudingly squeeze out an egg or two and accept fresh greens and grain from me. The ducks continue to attempt to bathe in any water receptical left out with water in much to the disgust of the chickens!

You may also have thought you were seeing double if you visited us over the last two weeks as Pip pickle (our chocolate brown Sprointer) had her friend Zinzi (chocolate brown springador) to stay. Between them they have anialted every stuffing filled toy and tennis ball we own and attempted to bowl down as many guests as possible on the way to the studio with puppy love and joyful adoration.

Righty Ho. Candles and block printing this weekend. Enjoy!



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