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Don't you just love a spring clean!

The answer, if you are Mrs Siv or Lynne our lovely girl Friday (turns her hand to anything), is categorically yes. For me, its yes, but only when I am left no other option because warzones look less messy and for Emma, the fallout from this, much creativity will always be mess.

If you have followed our social media stories you will see that we pretty much had to face into the storm because we could no longer access/find any of the things needed to keep providing wonderful workshops. So here's our top 5 spring clean tips:

  1. Get a Lyn or a Mrs Siv

  2. Pick up Emma so she has no way of getting home until the job is done!

  3. Never collect jam jars! It's clear that my obsession with jam jars had gotten way out of control.

  4. The best gift or piece of tech I have ever owned, continues to be the label machine. It just makes every sort out sooooooo much better.

  5. Reward yourself with a cheeky gin and tonic at the end because you found so much alcohol in the garage from previously hiding it there in January to try and achieve dry January!

So there you have it. No, Larkswold probably are not the people to learn spring cleaning tips from. But, we do know how to make delicious cake, amazing Italian frothy coffees and love our guests coming to hang out in the marquee.

This weekend:

Wonderful willow tomorrow. Fully booked for a day of lovely peeps making Hares and Herons.

Sunday we are candle making in the afternoon (couple of spots still available). We have been working on stocking up the tent with examples of all our lovely scent blends and dried flower decorations - thanks Sian :-)

Oh and calligraphy next weekend as well.

On the flock front, 6 lavender and blue runner ducklings have come to live at Larkswold today. Keeping warm in the kitchen for now with Pip playing nurse dog.

So enjoy your bank holiday weekends and make time to visit Larkswold as my bestie Jess so rightly says "There's always time for tea & cake".


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