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Eek! We’re going on tour again...

Afternoon! We've only gone and agreed to craft with about a billion children at the Cotswold Farm Park this Easter! Its both a smidge daunting and uber exciting all rolled into one. Starting on 2nd April we are taking over a huge marquee at Adam's Farm Park and making it feel all Larkswoldy. Pompom bunnies, decoupage eggs and cute felt flower crowns are just a few of the crafts we have for young peeps to come and enjoy during the day. In the evening, we will be located in the fab Club House next to the main building with the woodfired log burner and our usual adult focused workshops such as arm knitting, candle making and silversmithing will be running between 4-9pm.

Thanks to all of you that have offered to come help us run stuff or offered up your teenagers instead. We have our first induction day tomorrow and again later in the week so the Larkswold team will temporarily swell to around 25 of us!

The team at the Farm Park head office might be regretting selecting us as their creative workshop partners. At the end of the Zoom call yesterday I thought it was funny to ask when they thought our slot on Countryfile would be coming up? We weren’t too sure if the Zoom call had frozen, but it was in fact their "caught in the headlights" panic that had frozen their faces! Emma then followed up with which of their lovely new lodges we would get to use while were working with them for such long days in April....

On another subject entirely, we hope to see Phil and Lisa from Cotswold First Aid again (socially, not because we have hurt ourselves). Emma and I did a full day First Aid workshop with Phil this week which was truly brilliant and we learnt so much. If you haven't heard of shame on you - best trainer ever and quite a lot of jolly useful content to boot. Emma helpfully snapped the one shot where I looked like I was checking my nails! Don’t worry, I’m confident I’ll catch her soon enough doing something silly in return.

On other fronts I am nursing a slightly sore head after breaking my drinking ban in 2022 with a most delicious Expresso Martini and a couple of glasses of red at Alexiou's (the Greek restaurant in Stow-on-the-Wold) It’s been open a little while, but we only managed to try it for the first time last night. It‘s fab - if you haven't been, you really should. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxing, service exemplary and food delicious. We went out to celebrate Mr Larkswold's birthday with Emma and Dan (Emma and I don’t spend enough time hanging out together at work, so we like to socialise together too) and a great night was had by all.

What’s New

We have now launched our first Easter craft kit which you can purchase from our website shop. We only loaded them up yesterday and already the decoupage Easter trees are flying off the virtual shelf.

Networking Club

Our 2nd networking event is also coming up next month 1st April (no joke!)

Are any of these things familiar to you?

• You set yourself unrealistically high expectations

• You have a tendency to overwork and push yourself to the point of burn out

• You often doubt yourself and can be prone to procrastinating

Becs Gadsby, Inca Coaching Ltd is going to speaking at the April session about Imposter Syndrome. As someone who has lived with imposter syndrome all of her life, and has developed a deep understanding and ways of overcoming it, she is looking forward to sharing with you an insight into exactly what it is, how it affects us and why we experience it, as well as giving you some tools & tips to be able to manage it proactively.

A look back at the week...

What you might like to book onto over the next two weeks:

Have a great weekend!

Melinda x

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