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Emma will be hiding in the corner!

Whilst Emma and I were painting the studio we had lots of those conversations such as "If you were a vegetable what vegetable would you be?.... If you had a super power what power would you want?” .... and then I asked Emma what her goals were for the year. It’s not really her bag all that goal setting malarky. But anyway, she said that she supposed that now she is a bonafede business owner she would probably benefit from a little "Know how to run a business type knowledge". So that is how the networking club came to be, to help Emma get a little business-running knowledge and this is why she will probably be hiding in the kitchen or looking for like minded peeps who equally want to gain a little knowledge but hate the idea of a networking club.

Networking club:

Fancy a lovely start to your Friday? Hell yes! Well, the very first meeting of the Larkswold Business Networking Club starts Friday 4th March 9am-11am. Cake, coffee, and copious loveliness will be available as well as our very first VIP speaker Tash Willmore, owner of the amazing Culpepper & Co creative design agency that created the Larkswold brand in the very beginning for us.

- Want a turbo boost to your promotional thinking?

- Need to find your marketing mojo and gain some no brainer tips?

It doesn't matter if you haven't yet started your business, or have been running for ages. Or heck, if you work for someone else and just need to spend an hour or so stepping off from the rat race. Accountants, hoteliers, restauranteurs, IT peeps, Virtual assistants, salon owners and all you crafty creative businesses that should be coming to Larkswold anyway to check out our cool space.

What are you waiting for.... get booked on and we will see you on the 4th. It’s only £8 and we supply all the delicious refreshments your little hearts could wish for. Oh and we have this weird ability to connect the right people to make for wonderful business opportunities. BOOK NOW

Tuesday Craft Time

So Fridays are networking once a month and Tuesdays are going to be "Larkswold go and experiment with crafty stuff day”. We have noticed that as we have got busy, we have less time to play with new crafts and create new products. We also lack as many examples of cool stuff to hang in the Studio, because we haven't had time to make them. So Tuesdays will be the official day that Emma's dogs Oti and Hutch come and hang out by the Studio window and keep an eye on the river for us and we will be at one with our inner creativeness.

But enough about us. What would you like to book? Here are a few highlights to wet your appetite.

Righty ho! Have a good weekend and see you soon

Melinda x

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