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Extra Silversmithing Date!

Evening All!

Sorry, did not manage to get the blog written yesterday. What with listening to Emma Lawrence @emmasyogatree talking all about the menopause at Fridays Networking session, finalising our Christmas promo flyer/poster/gift experience vouchers with Tash @ culpepper, visiting Peter and Rebecca @raptureandwright to see all the hand screen printed fabrics being made in their wonderfully bijou site in Evenlode, there just was not a lot of time left.

Anyhoo - I know - enough about me and more about the extra silver date. Well the silver obsessed Andrea @andreasillence who runs the very popular Beauty Room in Oddington, has now decided she would like to visit us for the 3rd time to do silversmithing! As all our silver workshops are fully booked until December we decided to add in a new date: Thursday 3rd November 2-5pm. That leaves 7 spots up for grabs people.

A special shout out to Lucy Siv who is a very special 21 today (well in her head anyway!). Lucy has been a huge supporter of Larkswold from the beginning and I developed much of the Larkswold "Loveliness" elements of our business around things that Lucy inspires in me. Enjoy your day matey x

Our Autumn wreaths have really been fantastic this year. From rainbowesque to ubber wedding chic. We have played with adding in autumnal leaves foraged on walks in stunning, yellows, oranges and rusty browns. The cool thing about Autumn wreaths are that we predominately incorporate dried foliage so they are not so good for the front door, but last indefinitely hung somewhere looking pretty in your house.

What else I hear you say! Flock? Ok, here is the update. The newest bunch of 8 are filling out beautifully and starting to look like feathered rugby balls. No confirmation on the cockerel to chicken ratio, but I need the little black one with Disney sized eyes (currently aka Princess) to be a girl. Please!

That's it from me, we are soap and bath bomb making, Autumn wreath and Glass Fusing today.

Enjoy your weekend and if you are free Em and me are going to be watching Elvis at the Regal in Evesham - special offer £5 +booking fee tomorrow.



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