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Find a day of Hygge

What is Hygge?

When we first sat around the kitchen table to discuss what we wanted Larkswold to be, 'Hygge' was at the top of the list - the Danish word that focuses on a sense of comfort, coziness and peace. It has been described as, "creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people."

Pronounced 'Hu gah' apparently, although I tend to just say it quickly with a different style every time!

We want every guest to come and feel their shoulders relax and their joy rise.

And it is beneficial because?

The rhythmic, repetitive movements and focused attention required in certain crafts seem to produce a calming effect akin to meditation. In an online study that surveyed over 3,500 knitters, published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, respondents felt there was a relationship between knitting frequency and feeling calm. They noted that knitting was “soothing,” “restful,” and had meditative or zen-like qualities. The majority said it helped them relieve stress and unwind from the pressures of work.

So arm knitting could be better than doing the super women power pose?

We think this is spot on and even more so when arm-knitting. In 2-3 hrs you can enjoy working with soft wool, drink tea, eat cake and chat with friends new and old. Seeing the finished work of your creative venture provides a burst of self-esteem that brightens the mood by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine. Known as the feel-good molecule, dopamine reduces feelings of depression and generates confidence. Creative endeavours have the ability to instil a sense of achievement in the creator, which naturally promotes happiness.

...bit to sciencey? Just go with the key elements Happy...tea & fluffy blanket.

We have continued to hold the ethos of Hygge close to our hearts as we have grown over the year.

The scent of beeswax when making wraps, essential oils for candles and fresh foliage when creating wreaths such as thyme, lavender, eucalyptus and earthy moss.

The taste of bakewell tart - almond sponge, sweet raspberry jam and perfectly short pastry (on the menu at the moment) leave your mouth watering.

Using your hands to shape willow wreaths, twist twine and feel the soft touch of the sheepskin rugs on the seats.

As you enter the tent and see the magical scene we have created with flowers, bunting, twinkly lights and all the wonderful materials ready for you to take your place and soak up the atmosphere for a few hours.

And in honour of Edward Thomas's poem 'Adlestrop' (the exact location of our marquee) we hope you stop and spend a moment to listen to the blackbirds sing...admittedly now competing with my very noisy flock of runner ducks and chickens!

We hope we have created another magical space this spring to come and be a maker. A relaxing space to be creative and top up your feel-good factor. Cake, craft and good company at Larkswold is what we do. We hope you come and try it out for yourself soon.


Emma & Melinda @ Larkswold

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