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Friday Feeling

Flock News

The flock are all laying nicely and the ducks have been having a whale of a time with their new paddling pool. Nobodies owning up, but someone's big webbed feet punctured a whole on the last one. The chickens have been consistently sneaking in the marquee . Slash that, there's no sneaking in; they boldly swagger on in to the marquee heading straight for a delicious dried wreath with wheat and oats like its chicken buffet table. Emma highlighted my mistake that I had never named our little bantam and so I gave Emma the honour. Felicity (as the bantam has now been named) may be short in stature, but she's certainly big on confidence and is regularly leading the storming of the marquee with Flora and Dora.

Morning Walks

Emma on her way up north to see family and cuddle some babies and we are finally going to Dahlia Beach on Sunday to pick our buckets of Dahlias. V excited!

As Em was off she had walked her two (Oti and Hutch) early doors, so I opted for a little solo walk over by Wyck Rissington. We met a number of lovely horses getting a trot out with their owners and a very impressive 3 legged chocolate brown Labrador called Ed (love the way you never know the owners name, but you know the dog). Anyway, Ed was 3years old and a stunning svelte chocolate brown Labrador with an impressive pointer like physique. He had been hit last year by a car and now gave Pip a good run for her money on his remaining three paws.

Making in marque this week

The season of Autumn Wreaths has arrived - not quite sure how we got here as summer seems to have flown by so quickly. Autumn wreaths use a combination of both dried and fresh foliage and if you fancy it, a pompom or two. If you need a little me time then autumn wreaths hits the spot as the scent of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus all fragrance the marquee and the stunning creamy white or Fuscia pink hydrangeas help you admire the amazingness of mother nature.

When I finish rambling on in this blog I am off to concoct some new essential oil recipes for Christmas candles. I KNOW!!!! way too soon to discuss, but now Emma and I live in this crazy new venture, apparently you have to start talking and supplying all things Christmas now. We have already had lots of kind guests this week making candles and creating at least one Christmas scented version to give as a gift to a near and dear one.

Dan and Phil ( the lucky other halves of myself and Emma) have had an easy week. No festival stands to build, no benches or tables to construct or toilets to install....don't worry, theirs plenty for them to do next week!!

That's all from me I think. Give me a call if you are planning your family or friends gathering and want to create a bespoke day for your group, or go check out what we already have loaded up on the website.

Have a great weekend

Melinda x

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