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Goodbye Summer...hello Autumn!

Apple and marmalade cake was on the menu today at our networking event, ringing in the autumn changes. Back to rain/sun/cloud/lightening/rain/torrential rain/humidity!

We might be moving into Autumn but you guys are seriously thinking Christmas with Wreaths, Willow Stags Head and Christmas Candle Workshops getting booked up daily.

Brush Lettering - Special offer

With Christmas cards in mind, why not brush up on your lettering skills next Friday 16th September with Georgie. We have a few places left so book on using Promo code '£10offplease' to give you, yes you've guessed it, £10 off!

if you fancy trying out this fab writing style which is closely aligned to calligraphy.

Need something more active? What about Spoon Carving next Saturday with Ben? Hand axe work, knife whittling are all a little bit like hard work so a hearty lunch and lots of cake are on hand to keep you going.

Flock news

I have had to kick Felicity off her eggs. 4 weeks have passed with no chirp chirp noises, plus she smells like a big chicken poo so she will definitely be getting a bath this weekend. Everyone else seems generally happy to pootle around. The only sad news is the passing of Big Red. Big Red was the orginal hatch chicken we started with over 3 years ago. Larger than life in personality and proportions she ruled the roost with a iron feather!

What else? Ummm, kids are back at school, we are mocking up Christmas next week for the new brochure, work has started on the new parking spaces and Emma's dahlias have finally started to flower.

Well that's it. Goodbye to our lovely Queen Elizabeth and hello to King Charles.



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