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How to choose the right craft activity for you?

Its hard, we get it!

With so many amazing activities on offer, it can be hard to decide which one to try out first. This week we have seen guests doing Block printing with Clare Walsh and Calligraphy with Martie Hancock, Macramé Plant Hangers, Macramé Feathers, Scented Candles & Wreath Making with us. As always, we have a stream of those entering the tent that proclaim they are not crafty and leave with totally awesome creations.

Lets us try and help you.

Top 3 for mess adverse guests:

  1. Arm knitting (and you get to sit on a comfy sofa or armchair)

  2. Macrame plant hangers (great to get in therapeutic flow)

  3. Dried wreaths (just generally fab to do)

Top 3 that are easy to do once you have learnt the basics with us

  1. Beeswax wraps (stop spending oodles of money from the shops and make your own)

  2. Candles (Really, you'll want to make them for Xmas presents for everyone)

  3. Living wreaths (spring bulbs were so popular, we are working on the summer version)

Top 3: Relaxing and time just flies

  1. Glass fusing (I actually think Emma messes with the clock because people are so lost in their work they are always surprised when we hand them a glass of bubbly to say well done and you only have 30 minutes left!

  2. Macrame Five feathers (Who knew brushing and ironing would be so relaxing)

  3. Wellbeing day: (Stands to reason really, yoga, meditation and delicious food followed by candle making)

Top 3 for a properly impressive skill to say you have done:

  1. Willow sculpting (nobody needs to know how much Kate the teacher helped you to not make your Hare look like a Frog!)

  2. Silver-smithing (seriously, you really can make your very own spinning rings from actual silver)

  3. Lino Printing (creating your very own Lino cut takes a little time and technique, but so worth the effort to wow friends and family)

But actually, just come and chillax with us and have frothy coffee and copious amounts of delicious cake usually makes any craft so much better we think.

Off to forage some wild flowers after speaking with Angie Woodward our forage expert just a moment ago. She's just so damn impressive I want her to come and walk round my garden and tell me more interesting stuff about what to pick and how to use it.

Enjoy the weekend!


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