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How you are turning into your mother!

Another fun packed week and its Friday again!

Maybe like us, Mother's Day gets you considering how much you have turned into your own mother? We nicknamed mine Mother McMad at one point and so I feel the answer to the previous question is possibly a big yes!

More seriously I took a love of trying crazy new things, like the time she sent Kangaroo steaks in the post for me, to Fondue at University, or the time she sent homemade wine and sloe gin and I wasn't sure if I might have gone blind from the strength! And a love of gardening. When not in the Larkswold tent my happy place is somewhere between the chicken coup and the flower patch. She also had many craft skills from weaving cane for chairs and big tapestry projects. Culinary skills - not so much. My poor long suffering bestie Rachel had to endure many a lentil-based meal and my own children often had their early toddler taste buds tested with combinations such as gherkins and ice-cream!

Its Emma's mum who luckily brought culinary baking skills to our team (but having now owned my own Sourdough culture I understand why my, mum was always 'feeding' something in a margarine tub in the fridge).

I think mother McMad would be very proud of what we have achieved at Larkswold and I thank her for helping me believe you can do or be anything you set your mind to being.

Emma's mum comes across to me as what mums should be. Beautiful and charming. Even in her 80's and living in Stow she exudes loveliness. The dainty Tea Set from their wedding back in 1958, brought out on special occasions makes you think of flowery pinnies and cream teas. It's so lovely to use these inanimate objects today which are interwoven with so many memories.

So to all of you this rainy/haily/sunshiney/windy Friday, consider whether you like it or not, those things you find yourself doing or saying that make you realise how much you have turned into your own mother. And for those that are lucky enough to have a mum to treat this Mothers Day, why not bring them to Larkswold so we can spoil you both rotten with cake and tea and all things lovely. A Gift Experience voucher so they can choose themselves or book a specific workshop.

In other important Larkswold news: Welcome to the world baby chick Dora (likes to do a lot of exploring). After an emotional roller coaster of 'Will they hatch? Wont they hatch?' (which anyone who has done home hatching will tell you is incredibly emotional), the precious new chick arrived early Monday morning.

Winnifred the Willow Tree: In case you missed the breaking news last week, Winifred is my latest impulse Garden Centre purchase. She is currently sat in the kitchen to protect her from the 50 mile an hour winds and she will hopefully get planted out week.

Finally, Emma has made a stunning carrot cake which we think will make it on to the spring Easter menu at Larkswold, although the running debate is whether to add walnuts or not? Tricky decision... what would Mum do?

Happy weekend all!

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Bernadette Finnimore
Bernadette Finnimore
Mar 13, 2021

What a fabulous post, I really enjoyed it! Passing it on to my friends

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