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Is honesty is the best policy?

Another week of lovely British weather with Mr. Larkswold checking the flood app every 5 minutes and going out to check guy ropes on the marquee so it doesn't blow onto the railway track!

Emma and I have been rather buoyant this week after getting a thumbs up on our cake from Prue Leith and her friends on Saturday when they visited. What lovely people... who seriously love cake. But actually my favourite feedback was from Lyn (who we are discussing setting up a camp bed for in the marquee for as she is spending plenty of her time with us) who said " Yesterday was such a happy day". If we can achieve that for all our guests that would certainly make me happy.

Honesty; I seem to have had a spate of feeling the need to confess to things this week - over share. It's only backfired a few times! Once when I was sharing a little anecdote about foraging crab-apples from a beautiful tree locally where the tree hung over onto the public path from someone's garden. As I was telling the story the lovely guest I was talking with said,

"That was you? I watched you from my house and wondered who was stealing those lovely crab-apples!" I mean, what were the chances of that?

I suppose while we are on it I also shared how for the first time EVER, I burnt the chocolate brownies (and yes, it was when that member of baking-royalty was visiting the tent). I know, I was all ready to bake them again, but then after a quick taste test by myself, Emma and Mr. Larkswold we concluded that although not AS amazing, they would pass, and time was tight. So I shared that with a couple of lovely Airbnb guests and hey, now another 300 of you that follow this blog!

I hear you. All good and well Melinda. Enough about you. What is on the cards for me at Larkswold at the moment I hear you ask!

Silversmithing: We have two sessions running this Saturday with 4 places left on Saturday morning. We had such a great response we've put a second workshop on.

Glass Fusing Sunday afternoon - camp bed Lyn will be in attendance for that one :-)

Arm knitting has also gone crazy and although we are fully booked next weekend we have also put some extra dates on.

Clare Walsh is in the house next Saturday (29th) running her first block printing workshop at Larkswold. Off the back of meeting Clare we have just met with a lovely new tutor Julie Hicks who is going to be running some punch needle workshops with us later in the year. We will let you know when the dates are released.

Finally, push the boat out, our Wellbeing Day is now open for bookings. Sandra at SMADAR has put together a wonderful day of Yoga, meditation, learning about hand reflexology, as well as mindful scented candle making with us and throughout the day delicious smoothies packed with goodness, bliss balls and a wonderful healthy lunch of tarts, salads and maybe a yummy Larkswold cake to keep you going! These sessions are going to be a maximum of 6-8 people so you can relax and feel fully pampered throughout the day. Check out more details here. The current available dates are 18th or 25th June and 11th July.

Flock Update: Daphne (Batman the runner drake's girlfriend) has finally started to venture out of the coop and have a little paddle in the river. Newbie runner ducklings are getting bigger and have had a couple of days hanging out in the veg patch, but I think sadly BBQ the cockerel may have decided that Big Red has hen-pecked him too much and decided to journey off to find a less female dominated flock!

Enjoy your weekends


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