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Larkswold Lift-off!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

So, when is the very best time to start a new business? Is there ever a right time? During a country-wide Pandemic maybe? Well that's exactly when Melinda decided it was time to bring her Creative Workshop daydreaming to life.

It may seem like the very worst time to start a new business, but actually the situation was ideal: less work, no travelling, no visitors, no shopping, no socialising = more time to figure out how to turn a dream into a reality.

The idea behind Larkswold stemmed from Melinda's love of trying new crafts as a way to relax and socialise. Along with a group of friends they had enjoyed several craft workshops together, from glass fusing to willow weaving. She found that the time spent at these courses was always worth every penny - to shut out all the noise and to concentrate on a new craft was a restorative experience, and Melinda wanted more, more, more! Although they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves each time, there was this niggling suspicion that it could be done so much better. Where was the loveliness? The feeling of 'hygge'? (not familiar with this term? Check out the definition here)

The branding was brought together by Tash from @Culpepper - Tash and her team helped Melinda bring the idea to life through sensitive type and colour choices, and of course with the arrival of our cheeky little bird logo. Tash asked all the right questions to see that this business has fabulous potential, even now as we all struggle along through the difficult Covid 19 'new normal'. Bringing groups of people together to spend time experiencing a new craft is just the tonic needed to lift the spirits.

Initially Larkswold was planning to hold it's workshops at Melinda's generous Cotswold kitchen table, with the smell of fresh coffee and cake wafting from the oven, but like everyone she has had to adjust plans in light of Covid 19. The addition of the Larkswold marquee is an exciting development, as it is the perfect size for groups of 8 or more - the massive tables allow everyone to have their own space so social distancing. The doors can be flung wide open to allow the fresh air in, and in summer months the sides can be completely removed so it feels like you are outside, overlooking the wildflower meadow. It is this countryside environment which really adds to the special atmosphere at Larkswold.

Countryside view including the new marquee
Larkswold marquee ready for decorating

So, the marquee is up, the grass is mown, the interior is decorated , the kettle is on - Larkswold is ready to welcome guests...more about our first workshop next time!

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