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New Year, New Building, New Crafts

Well, it feels like a 100 years since I last wrote the Larkswold blog!

We did Christmas (Em got shiny new boots), put up a new building, went on our holibobs to Cornwall (did a little boarding), came back, did a little research (had lunch at Burford garden centre), painted, sanded, varnished, built tables and installed a kitchen... oh and started lots of really fab workshops again.

Flock down: Avian bird flu has meant that the flock have been in flockdown for a while now. I have tried to upgrade the coup with fancy decorations for Christmas and extra straw for a few extra lie ins for them. Big Red does seem to have put on a few winter pounds and Pe-king (the duck that I don't think is really a runner duck) has enjoyed constantly taking a bath in everyone's drinking water!

Willow Sculpture: People made such wonderful Stag's heads over Christmas we shall definitely being doing that again next year. The lovely Kate Morrell is back from her trip to Australia to see her daughter and will be with us this Sunday Jan 30th. We have TWO places left if anyone fancies a last minute day out to make a runner duck, heron, hare or maybe you have something else in mind?

Lampshades: We have already kicked off the year with a Lampshade workshop and our obsession with this easy but awesome craft has not wained. Next session is Thursday 3rd February.

That's it from me this Fun Friday! We have lots of other exciting news, but we arent quite ready to share. But trust me, you guys will be the first to know when we announce it.

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Lorna Cummins
Lorna Cummins
2022년 1월 28일

Melinda and Emma, the new building looks stunning. You've all worked so hard. You have inspired, in me, the feeling of excitement, of newness, social reconnection and the brain enriching, CNS calming effect of craft in such a warm, smiley, truly beautiful environment... BRING ON LARKSWOLD 2022 🌼

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