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One word to describe Larkswold?

That was the question Matt from Sears Group asked us during our filming this week. Please appreciate what we do for you lovely guests. This Wednesday when the weather decided it fancied rocketing back up to (felt like) 30 degrees, Emma and I donned Christmas jumpers, borrowed a stunning 6ft real Christmas tree from the lovely ladies at The Arty Crafty Place and recreated Christmas in the studio. Why? So that Matt could make us TikTok Stars! Ok, maybe not quite yet, but trust me he filmed some wonderful footage for our Christmas campaign launching in October, but also sat us down and made us talk to the camera. Eek!

Emma fared well. Matt would ask her a question such as "What is Larkswold like at Christmas?" and she was great a rattling off coherent sentences. Ask her to say all that again when the camera was on was slightly more challenging; and getting her to do anything 'salesy' such as "Head over to our website for more details blady blah" and she was quite grumpy!

I, on the other hand, struggled with coherent sentences, but was more than happy to don my Jeremy Clarkson personna and repeat anything Matt told me to long as it wasn't more than three words long - because I couldnt remember anymore than that!

When Matt asked us to describe Larkswold at Christmas in one word, I immediately thought of 'Hygge' the Danish word for a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. But it seems I am the only person at Larkswold that likes the word so we kept thinking and both agreed on Joy. We hope that thinking about, being at, and reminiscing about time at Larkswold fills you with joy. The welcome, the cake, the craft and the joy or making memories.

Anyway, we will let you know when you might want to unfriend us on facebook and Insta becuase being associated with two middle aged women clearly having hot flushes and talking absolute tosh probably isn't good for your careers.

Get Booking...


Thanks to Covid we have one free spot for a 3 hour Silversmithing session tomorrow morning.

We also have 3 spots left on Saturday 24th September for our full day silversmithing workshop.

Other last minute stuff this coming week:

Arm knitting: Emma's ordered in a few new colours. Why not join us on Thursday morning?

We are also block printing again next week and loving the new aprons which make great gifts for friends and family... or to just keep yourself!

Finally Scented Candle Making is also running during the week. We have been busy buying new scents and creating some cool new design ideas for you to try.

Flock Update...

Our Larkswold friend Marion did highlight that I had prioritised talking about my flock last week before my children. I did explain to her that in order of priority, there had been no mistake! But as things go - the kids are all fine. But excitingly I'm getting new chickens today!

(Note to husband who might be reading this in France - yes I am sneaking additions to the flock in whilst you are not here to object! But in my defence, you are swanning around at a car show with your bestie when I am back here working - nuff said). Back to the flock... so yes, new faces will be here next time you visit, thanks to our friend Sian's son (Sian creates all our pressed flowers).

I will finish with saying, fairwell to our Queen Elizabeth. She makes me proud to be British and welcome to King Charles. I've always quite liked Charles for the simple reason that it is because of him that the flag flies on my birthday as it's the same as his!

I must go and set up the studio for Brush Lettering this afternoon, so enjoy the long weekend!



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