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As you know, Emma and I can't stop adding new crafts to the list of workshops we offer. And we often discuss with guests that " Buying craft kits and materials" and actually "Doing them" are two quite different things. We are fully aware that a good 50% of guests come to a workshop when they already have all the kit sitting in a cupboard somewhere at home. However it's way more fun & reassuring to come and craft at Larkswold because we are happy to tidy up afterwards and steer you back in the right direction if things are going a bit off track.

This week we have been looking more in depth at some of the crafts we offer. Trying to share a little more of our background knowledge and 'how to's' with you all on social media.

THREE interesting facts about our crafts:


In the old days, candle wax was mainly made from animal products like beef fat or beeswax.

During famines, it was not unusual to have candles stolen to be eaten by the hungry. Sad.


Beeswax contains a natural, powerful protective substance called propolis, which shields beeswax from ever going bad. Made by the bees combining tree resin with wax flakes and pollen, propolis is used to used fix and strengthen the beehive while protecting the hive with an antiseptic barrier – the name propolis comes from the Greek meaning “defense of the city.” These protective qualities are so effective that unspoiled beeswax has even been found in ancient tombs. That said, it is possible for commercial or homemade beeswax products that also include other ingredients to go bad.


The term macramé is taken from the word migramah. Do you know that it was an Arabian word coined by Arabic weavers in 13th century? The meaning of migramah is fringe. The Arabians would weave decorative fringes on their horses or camels when they were in the Northern African desert to help keep away the flies.

How did your Fathers Day go? Did you manage to rustle up a batch of brownies from the recipe we shared last week?

Fancy trying something new? What about brush lettering? Our next session is on Saturday 16th July.


or did you rustle a few bank notes at the cashier and grab a box of Ferero Roche? This week we have added the recipe for Emma's awesome Bakewell cake. If you haven't had some you are seriously missing out.

Flock Update

I am pleased to introduce to you our seven new chicks. Its been a tag team effort between me, the incubator and Thanos and Big Red down in the coup. Big Red got a bit shirty when I tried to move her and proceeded to stop sitting on her eggs. So I quickly whipped them into the incubator. Uno and Dos were born and started out life in a cardboard box in the kitchen. The ladies (Thanos and Big Red) hatched the first chick from those that Thanos had been sitting on, then lost interest in sitting on the rest of the eggs. Again I popped them into the incubator and as each chick hatched I whisked them down to the ladies to sit on. I am proud to say that we have 7 cuter-than-cute chicks, happy and healthy living with the very protective mother hens (I have the peck on my eye to prove it).

The ducks aren’t fairing too badly either. Their new duck pond is operational and I shall hopefully be styling it with rocks and plants soon.

Enjoy your weekend!



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26 iun. 2022

Lovely to hear news of the flock (as well, of course, news of the courses!) Congratulations on helping the new chicks through that precarious first stage. x

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