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Our first foray into the world of willow basketry!

You guys really want to try out basket weaving! We posted a few pictures of our last meeting with Clare the lovely willow tutor who will be running the session, and its fair to say it went down a storm.

Our first session is running on 5th October. If you cant make that one, drop us a mail or call to see if we can find the next date which would suit you.

Little Larks

We are totally rockin this children’s craft thing. Possibly because we are just big kids and have a gut feel for what they like. It is very interesting to see that like Emma, some children are really not so keen on the messy crafts (they very cunningly get a nearby parent or Larkswold lady to do the dirty work) and some like me are in their mucky element. Either way, crafts continue this week at Winchcombe railways. Depending on which day you come over we will be block printing or creating compostible bug hotels.

Little Larks club at the Larkswold Studio is also running this Monday 10am-12pm.

1) Seed Bombs - using clay and wildflower seeds we'll make seed bombs to help rewild any unloved area.

2) Block Printing - have a go at printing a cotton tote bag, we have a wide range of cool block designs to choose from.

Or Monday 22nd August 10am-12pm

1) PomPom animals - bunnies, chicks or sheep! We love making pom poms and can't wait to show you how to make cute animals from yours.

2) Friendship bracelets, beads & knotting or make a festival headband - a variety of techniques from simple threading through to knotting your own colourful friendship bracelets and if time allows we'll make felt flower headbands!

Dont worry, mum, dad, nanny, or whomever is bringing their little ones, cake and coffee for adults is also on hand.

Other than that, we moved candles outside this week due to super crazy heat. Our new impromptu alfresco area worked quite well.

Have a great weekend and see you soon!

Melinda x

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