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Pot of gold

On my commute to work yesterday (walk from house to garden) I was greeted by a very faint rainbow. I appreciate as sky bound vistas go it doesn’t compare to the northern lights or maybe an eclipse - but it just cheered my already cheerful start to the day. It led me to daydream about what might I choose to find if I found my end of the rainbow treasure? Sure I'd like to find a few pennies to fund a deck for the studio, a Soho farmhouse or Daylesford spa membership, a magic pill to allow me to eat cake every day and be a slimmer/fitter version of myself. I then realised that I should think a little more 'world peace stylee'; maybe good health and happiness to all our Larkswold friends and families...oh and bring the joy of mindful creativity to more wonderful people. What about you? What would you like to find at the end of your rainbow?

Wednesday evening we popped over to Blockley to deliver a little candle workshop joy to a wonderful bunch of ladies doing an article on the Cotswolds for House of Coco. Dress code seemed to be stunning silk pjs and über amazing nail art. I think we can count the session as a success...

"Aw we had the best time! Everyone agreed it’s such a brilliant activity to do together.

Excited to share all our pictures and videos - we’ll be sure to tag you of course ❤️"

Laura Bartlett, Founder of House of Coco.


Matt is back with us next Friday Feb 3rd talking about using moving pictures to promote your business. His mum visited last weekend for a day of silversmithing with us and said he quite liked hanging out with the old ladies at Larkswold! (Ok my words not his, but I am sure he does).

New Stuff

We are doing some photos and prep for our new resin jewellery and jesmonite workshops this Sunday so watch this space for the launch of those.

Finally I have pulled my finger out and set up the sketch and watercolour workshop with Jill Jarvis. Fancy trying it? follow the link below.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully we will seeyou soon Melinda

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