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Release that aggression in a crafty way!!

Stags Head

6 places left on Thursday 25th November

In other news this week. Apparently the poop from ladybirds gives off a scent undetectable by humans but extremely strong and scary to dogs. I was just telling Emma this morning what a wimp Pip was. She had been sat on the sofa and jumped up yowling and stood by the door. I thought she had been bitten by something. When I looked at the sofa, there was simply a little lonesome ladybird. Emma then shared her new found knowledge (one of our customers shared this info) that possibly it was the scent rather than Pip being a big wimp?

On the duck front, Peking (the "I'm pretending to be a runner duck...but I don't really look like a runner duck") tried out swimming in the river. When I say that, I had my good friend Jess B in mind because the ducks seem to be very reticent to try the river out. I therefore opted for chucking Peking in (you know sink or swim style), but he decided after dipping one ducky foot in that he preferred flying and made his way back to the bank!

No - We have not got a cat (although I totally want one). No this little beauty is Atticus, my sister’s cat. She’s a city cat, but we‘re hoping to see her when my sister comes for holidays in the Cotswolds.

I think that's it for now.

Enjoy your weekend!



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