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Show stopping shades!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

I am already planning new shades for the lounge, the bedroom, hallway and shepherds hut!

Emma and myself have been working with the wonderful Patsy (Interior Designer) to develop our lampshade making skills. Thanks to Emma's past life with various fabric manufacturers, we have finally found the perfect use for all those beautiful bits of linen, velvet and others stored at Larkswold. LAMPSHADES!

"But I want to be even more original Melinda" I hear you say. I hear you, we thought the same thing, which is why we are offering a special session on the 21st July. The wonderful Clare Walsh is running her block printing session in the morning. You can come and learn the art and history around block printing and make a bag, tea towel or print your very own unique lampshade material. We will say au revoir to those that just fancied the printing at lunchtime. Those that fancy turning their printed material into a stunning lampshade can stay for a delicious Larkswold lunch of fresh salads, quiche and whatever we have decided we fancy serving for lunch that day, then produce a wonderful shade to take home by the end of the day.

What else?

Where does the week go! We have been busy in the Larkswold Marquee all week and feeling uber excited to welcome our first silversmithing Hen party on Saturday and our first wellbeing guests on Sunday.

People keep asking / telling us we should run cookery classes as they love our cake and healthy buffet lunch, so we have been setting plans a foot to make that happen.

Colin the cockerel (who we thought was Clarissa up until a few weeks ago) is acting like a big idiot teenage boy and being mean to Olive one of our Olive eggers... boys!!!

Daphne and Batman the old timer runner ducks have been rocking up for fresh peas and water at the marquee door this week and the other 7 younger runners are slowly getting braver about popping out the coup to investigate.😊

Duck Fact of the Day: Ducks moult! See below: Batman the drake on the left earlier this year and in the middle now! Lets hope he doesn't go bald next!

The mammoth task of creating the calendar events for the rest of the year has been high on our to do list. Emma has loaded almost all up onto the website and I sort of helped at the end when most of the hard work had been done !

We know you want a leaflet like our spring version you can peruse and share with friends and we are doing our best to make that happen. In the meantime, if you can’t see what you want, just call, text, whatsapp or email us, we are happy to chat it all through with you.

New workshops at the moment are:

Right, off to make carrot cake and brownies then enjoy a Dried Flower Wreath workshop this afternoon.



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