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Emma and I are the little ones. Both having big sisters who have looked out for us throughout our lives.

My sister came over to try out silversmithing this week. Lovely to see her and also to show off our barista skills with the fab bean-to-cup coffee machine she so kindly donated to Larkswold. It’s an Italian machine and needs a little ego-stroking to deliver great coffee with perfect frothy milk.

We also had sisters Lucy and Becks celebrate a birthday this week at a spring wreath workshop. Both created stunning and stylish wreaths to adorn their front doors.

We see a lot of guests celebrating birthdays and in particular sisters and mothers and daughters. So whilst mulling this over on Friday night around a friends firepit with a lovely dry glass of bubbly, we decided that we should celebrate this fabulous female phenomenon by proposing a special sisters workshop... and then after further mulling we thought how lovely it would be to see daughters, sisters, mums and grandmas en masse!

So if you fall into any of the above and fancy a day of loveliness in the Larkswold tent get booking our candles workshop on Saturday 15th May @ 2.30pm or arm knitting on Friday 21st May @ 2.30pm.

Lockdown has helped us appreciate these wonderful female figures around us, and we hope we get to shower your loved ones with delicious cake and fabulous frothy coffee sometime soon.

Look forward to (fingers crossed) cute duckling pics next week when the Cayuga ducks currently in the incubator should be cracking out and joining us.

Enjoy your week

Melinda & Emma


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