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Size matters...

I know, sorry! It sounds wrong, but I have decided that's on you and not me! I am talking about cooking. A knob of butter, a pinch, a smidgen etc. I mean, in my world a knob of something is about 1tbsp... having just done my research (thanks Google) I'm not far off...

"The term "knob" of butter was developed and used in the days before standardized measuring. The amount is about 1 1/2 - 2 tablespoons -- about the size of a knob on a kitchen drawer."

Well there you go. I have the same issues with a thumb of ginger - which is actually what has started this rant. Emma and I are turning our kitchens into mecca's to curries today. We have evening guests having a light dinner (which of course anyone who has ever been to Larkswold will know is never really light) of homemade curries, then a Silversmithing Workshop followed by a full days Silversmithing tommow. Emma has already chopped 12 onions and I can't stop the tingling of chilli residue stinging my hands! But as a girl from Brum I am proud of our curry offering. Peanut butter chicken, Chickpea and coconut Dahl, Spinach pea and Paneer, Vegan Rogan Josh. Thanks to my friend Zara's posh son who learnt how to make naan at cookery school, I now also know they are super easy yet super delcious. I haven't yet progressed to actually making my own poppadoms (it's only a matter of time), but buying the uncooked versions are way way way better than pre-cooked.

So if you are visiting the studio this weekend you will also get to enjoy a new Coffee and Walnut tray bake recipe (more walnut), lemon drizzle (gf & df), chocolate and banana loaf (so yum), cherry and coconut flapjacks and our staple - chocolate brownies. Oh yes, and mincepies as tonights guests are actually having their crimbo party.

I hear you - yes, we get up very early and bake til we drop.

Whilst cooking this morning I marked the Armstice day with the traditional 11am silience. We decided to watch 'All quiet on the Western front' last night (thanks to one of my sons teachers). A very graffic depiction of the first world war from the eyes of the German army. Worth a watch if you can cope with the realism - we will be completing our watching of it tonight as 2.5hrs watching in the evening did of course mean I was asleep in my chair before the end!!

Flock update:

They are being a little troublesome. I haven't quite sorted the chicken wire roof and Frederick (main man cockerel) and some of his floozies keep getting out to sleep in the tree at night. Mildly annoying because they are then clucking at me in the morning when I don't get down early enough to let them back in the coup - they want their breakfast!

Photos show Frederick on the left and the dearly departed Sebastion. Fred doesnt have the swanky dance and height of Seb, but he scrubs up ok.

What else?:

Have you booked? I am of course talking Christmas. Having just ordered 3kg of Eucalyptus and increased the spruce trees up to 25, I am really hoping you guys come and enjoy your wreath making with us - and if you aren't coming to us, then the 'Wreath in a box kit' is now live on our website (£47.50) delivered to your door with grapevine wreath ring, fresh foliage and everything you need to make your front door rock this year. (Order now and we send out the first week in December).




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