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Smells Divine

Happy Friday everyone! Well we survived the heatwave and now quite enjoying the light rain. We are looking forward to our first block printing baby shower this Saturday and of course I have had to sneak off to buy extra blocks (didn’t really need more, but do really love choosing more).

We have had the lovely Nell (Yr 12) and Kitty (Yr10) doing their work experieince this week from The Cotswold School. They have baked cakes, block printed and made some Macrame Feather hangings. We also made bath bombs, soap, lip balm and body butter and the studio smelt divine. They enjoyed creating videos of the bathbombs in action and updating our social media feed. Our next scented candle workshop is next Thursday morning, followed by our soap and bathbomb workshop is the afternoon.

I have continued to bang on about the menopause, HRT and all things mad old lady with our guests and without Emma about this week to shut me up I have managed to not scare any of our younger guests with whats possibly in store for them :-)

Chicks are all doing well and have started to venture out as far as the duck pond with mummies Big Red and Thanos. Felicity has needed a little extra love and attention (I think she is missing Emma), so I let her pop in to the kitchen to eat pomegranate seeds!

Yes Pip, your cute too!

Next week sees preparations for our next Larkswold on Tour venture at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway Go Wild event. Crafts such as making seed bombs, bug hotels and block printed bags are all on offer and included as part of your train ticket. You can come along on the day or book online at the GWSR website.

We also had another fabulous Silversmithing workshop this week with Caroline Craven from Craven and White and one of our favourite guest Sujata from butnaturalphotography (if you havent seen her work, go look it is totally amazing) and her wonderful 9 year old daughter Aayat. Aayat kept Pip the dog busy throwing a stick for a good while and both left with awesome silver creations.

I think thats it from me. Enjoy your weekend and come see us soon.

Melinda x

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