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Team Larky is ready!

Wow, since our last post we have trained up our wonderful team of Larks to support us throughout the Easter period at Adam’s Cotswold Farm Park. 32 lovely peeps ready to bust their moves making pompom bunnies, decoupage eggs, stunning felt flower headbands, easy paper wreaths and very popular (no surprise) chocolate Easter egg decorating.

Spring has definitely sprung! Classy ‘Hen Do’ requests have gone crazy and we feel so pleased to be part of so many peoples special gathering with friends and families.

The long awaited & super cool new Larkswold brochure has arrived with new crafts such as soap and bath bomb making, mosaics, spoon carving and and vintage cupcake decoration. Don’t worry, all the old favourites are still there too, candles, lampshades, block printing, silver smithing and willow weaving. The trend for peeps to need a full day of loveliness has allowed Emma to practice sourdough making and try out some delicious new soups such as coconut, pea and lime and Moroccan carrot.

In fact cooking and baking has been progressively taking place in the studio with our Range cooker now fully installed. Guests over the last few weeks have been lucky enough to craft with the delicious smell of scones or chocolate brownies baking.

On the flock front, we have had a rather handsome cockerel visiting this week (we’ve named him Sebastian for no particular reason). We think he might be from next door’s farm. He seems happy enough to sleep up in the tree above the coup and has been very popular with the ladies when allowed to mix. Even Mamma hen, Big Red seems to have a soft spot for him!

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully see you soon!

Melinda x

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01 avr. 2022

Farm Park project looks wonderful - probably logistically very complicated but you'll be bringing so much joy into this currently fraught world. I loved the photo of you both on the sofa that was in the email from the Farm Park announcing the partnership. xx

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