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Teen Tastic

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hello lovely Larks. How has your week been? Haven't we had some crazy rain!

Teen Larkswold

Quite a few of you have asked whether we do any special sessions for teenagers - and up until this point, we haven't. But you guys keep asking, so we thought we would do a little pilot program. If you have a teen (12-16yrs) who is free on a Tuesday evening 6pm-8pm and would like to experience the loveliness of some Larkswold pampering we are going to launch a 4 week program starting in November. We are thinking of having just 8 places and will start with scented candles, then making polymer clay beads and bracelets, Artful Mindscape drawing with the fabulous Karine & rounding off with chunky wool arm knitting. There will be all the usual loveliness - cake, twinkly lights and probably hot chocolate and better music!

Anyway, if you are interested in booking a spot, or know someone who might be drop me a mail We hope to get things up on the website early next week.

In a low whispering voice because I know its ridiculously early to talk about Christmas "You might want to get your girls on the phone and find a date to visit. There are quite a few of you who are stupidly organised and have booked out practically every weekend slot we if you live more in my world, this is a gentle nudge to get things sorted before you end up with a fake plastic wreath on your door, no lovely block printed bespoke cards and wrapping paper and possibly nothing beautifully wrapped Furoshiki style.....just saying !

But while we are still firmly in autumn, Em has been seriously rocking some fab autumnal hydrangea wreaths and whipping up a new Larkswold winning cake and marmalade. For research purposes only, we both had a slice yesterday and discussed that we might need to sample further slices to make sure it really was as good as we thought!

So I leave you to have a wonderful weekend. We will be busy with plenty of hydrangeas and Macrame feathers as well as a healthy dose of scented candles on Saturday. On Sunday, I shall be test driving some new curry recipes on my good friends ready for yummy winter lunches in the new Studio.

Take care,

M x

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