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Things we have said in the marquee!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021


Wow, we have definitely been busy little bees this week. Running dried flower wreaths, flower crowns, candles, lampshades and silver and glass fusing this week! We also managed to pop over to the Arty Crafty Place to meet Maggie and Tess to borrow some stunning vegetable and fruit shaped wooden printing blocks to run some taster sessions at the Big Feastival next Friday. Oh, nearly forgot! And we squeezed in a photo shoot at Caroline's (our silversmither) new site near Stratford Upon Avon.

Whilst in costume and make up at the photo shoot… wait, that’s the dream, the reality was that we were eating hobnobs and trying to look stylish and boho having dashed out of our marquee and driven to Stratford, we were sharing some of the funny things we never thought we would hear ourselves say.

Top 3.

3rd place goes to me

We are very proud of our new toilet. Lovingly constructed over many ours by Phil (hubby) and Dan (Emma's hubby). It’s constructed fully from pallets and boasts running water, a caravan style loo, swanky mirror and even a potted plant.

But no....I did not think I would be saying

"We love our toilet, would you like to come and have a tour?"

2nd Place goes to Caroline the silversmither

My chickens keep trying to hang out in the marquee and so today I decided to pick up Flora (my rather beautiful speckled black olive egger) and introduce her to our guests. She behaved nicely and was coo'd over suitably by everyone including Caroline. Caroline gave Flora a suitably tentative stroke with one finger on the top of her head and then proclaimed

"That's a good lookin chicken"....Its the kind of thing I would happily say, but you could see from Caroline’s expression that its not something she has said before.

1st position goes to Emma with:

“You have great boobs” A surprising thing to hear in the marquee during a Cotswold craft workshop you might think. Our guests who were creating wonderful dried flower wreaths at the time, mentioned they were also off to do ‘seated burlesque’ later that day. You might not know (we didn’t), this consists of stripping down to a pair of rather lovely tassels. Yes, you guessed it, they cover your nipples! So back to Emma and her Larkswold loveliness of course needed to say something suitably supportive. The guest who had never done burlesque before and seemed a little nervous. “Well you have great boobs”. Was her rather out of character response.

Happy weekend everyone!

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