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WI? I'm converted

I have a secret desire to join a WI when I get 5 minutes. Some get a bit of a bad rep but Emma and I packed up a few bits and jumped in the VW van to Duntisbourne last night. All I can say is this is the kinda WI I want to join. When the milk for tea and coffee hadn’t arrived on time they dutifully skipped onto the vino and sparkling elderflower. Cake was in abundance on every table and Emma and I met so many sensationally uber cool ladies of a certain age that I feel I need to have a little image overhaul to upgrade and fit in.

So now we have decided we like WI talks/demos feel free to give us a call or drop us a message if you want us to come and do something at your next one.

Well, Easter hols are nearly over. Have you had fun? Been somewhere nice? Taken some well-earned R&R on the sofa with Netflix (I've done Bridgeton and planning on starting on Dopesick tonight)? Maybe you came and enjoyed the usual loveliness at the Larkswold studio - we've been Lino printing, candle making, arm knitting, Lampshade Making and of course doing lots of silversmithing with the fabulous Caroline. We are running our next full day silversmithing workshop next thursday if you fancy creating something beautiful? Or maybe you popped to the Cheltenham races and loved every moment of eating, drinking and throwing money away on horses! (thanks ladies for a lovely day)

Or....maybe you came and tried out some Little Larkswold crafts with us at Adams Cotswold Farm Park which has been our latest "On Tour" home for the past 3 weeks. Do you know what? Kids are actually ok!! We’ve had so much fun making pompom bunnies (I was the only person over the entire 3 weeks to cut themselves with the scissors). Saying that though - Emma managed to Superglue a clump of her hair & I had to cut it out!

If you haven't been to the Farm Park - GO; the staff are the smiliest, most helpful I have had the pleasure of working with; everyone raves about the campsite and swanky glamping lodges and on top of all that you can get your fix of cute kittens (baby rabbits), goats, lambs and so much more. We are packing up Sunday, but have really enjoyed our time crafting here and hope to get an invitation to return soon.

What next?

Well, Emma and I have plans to book a day of Spa loveliness before ploughing head first into May with plans for some workshops to do bunting for the Queens Platinum Jubilee, bespoke little Larkswold parties and to get cracking on the deck outside the studio.

Need something to do next weekend? We have our inaugural spoon-carving session. I am not going to lie, it can be a bit hairy wielding your axe then fine-tuning with the carving tools; but the sense of achievement is awesome.

Ok, over and out. Enjoy whatever you are upto this weekend and if you have 5 minutes, do say something about your experieince with us on Google or TripAdvisor (sorry - bit of a shameless plug, but I am determined to grow our following and spread the joy)

Melinda x

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