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Wish You Were Here!

We started the week with Christmas (got asked to do a mini promo video for an online workshop website. They are releasing an advent calendatr in December. Some how Emma agreed to do the talkie makie stuff suitably dressed in Christmas attire with antlers. And we are finishing with a summer festival. Just loving this crazy business.

We have finally made it to our very first Posh family festival....actually our first festival of any sort! with the Larkswold Creative Taster Workshops Bar.

Emma reminded me yesterday that we booked our spot back in January when we are on Lockdown - bored because we couldn't run workshops at the tent. About a million workshops later (slight exaggeration) we have had a wonderfully relaxing day titivating our vintage tent at the Big Feastival.

As we walked back from a little girls trip to the facilities (2nd that day - Em had fallen out of the toilet on the first trip and into it on the 2nd....and no alcohol was even involved).

We mused how very professional our marquee looked and yes Ok, how we couldn't have done it without the tireless work designing, building, problem solving by Dan and Phil. both have enjoyed their two days holiday from their proper jobs to make our festival dream a reality and I think I speak for both myself and Em when I say thankyou guys; we love yah! :-)

So, if you are coming to the Feastival this weekend - come visit us; if not, come visit the marquee when we get back or get all super organised and book in for your Christmas workshops - dates now available.

All the best,

M x

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