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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Afternoon All!

Today we have just had the lovely Jane from Balmy Beauty in to talk at our networking morning. She is a bit super cool and her mention of burlesque did spark a very interesting conversation about a possible tassle workshop!

Some wise words were shared by Jane about being in the present rather than being depressed about the past or anxious about the future.

We all agreed that being outside in this wonderful cotswold landscape was good for the soul. I loved the idea from Jenny Stewart who talked about her mindful photography workshops and Tracy from Cotswold Hipsters talking about her little bud she studies each day when she's out walking her dog (I think there's an Instagram following that might just like to watch that along with Tracy). Debs who runs a puppy training school talked about how animals are so good at just being in the present moment and having fun, and when they fancy relaxing for a moment, they go find a lovely sunny spot to do so. So in Debs' wise words 'Go and find your spot of sunshine'. On the subject of wise words, my good friend Kyla from Copy Cafe came to networking today. Lovely to see her and hear how well the Copy Cafe business is going. It was a seedling of an idea back when I worked with Kyla many years ago. As a corporate wordsmith, she wanted something that would cater for the many small business owners that desperately needed support on their business writing/blogging/social copy etc. Anyway, you can sign up for free to get a little Kyla magic at

Dawn from Tickety-Boo (If you haven't been - you need to) who upcycles beautiful furniture pieces had a good chat with us about things we could work on together and Helen who is heading up the Maker-shack at Cheltenham Science Festival and also has a wonderful paper crafts business had the genius idea that Larkswold should run a 'makers who make' type challenge on Instagram.

Jackie Bramham who makes the most divine soaps also had a good chat with me about how Jane's talk was a good reminder of all the good stuff she has in her life.

So you see, we have barely had time to do any work today what with all these lovely ladies coming over. I'd better go and set up for Macrame which is starting in an hour and Emma has popped home to sort out the birthday cake for our lovely little Larks birthday party tomorrow.

I know what you're thinking - what a humungous promo you have just done for the networking businesses; and yes, I have no shame! But if you only go follow them on socials, or purchase a little something from their sites you're not only supporting a rural small business, you will be helping these ladies do their happy dances which for most of us happens every time an order or booking comes in :-)

Things for your diary - Mother's Day is practically here so if you need to sort something to do, we still have a couple spaces left for you to bring dear mum for a little Larkswold time.

Righty ho! Enjoy the weekend.



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Roger Hillier
Roger Hillier
04 mar 2023

What's crafts will you be holding at Winchcome Station for GWSR on 7th April for their Easter Event?

Me gusta
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