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Back on tour!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Next stop Burford Festival 18th June

Pack your sunglasses (probably best to pack a rain coat, wellies and a warm jacket as well) we are off out to do Cotswolds fetes and festivals... actually it might be worth adding suncream and possibly a sun hat as you really can’t say how the weather will be these days!

First stop is Burford Festival. OMG! why have I never heard of this super cool event before? It’s 9th-19th June with everything from a full on Ghana Evening to Burford singers contest.

Burford is such a beautiful place (not ideal if you dislike hills though) and we can’t wait to join the celebrations on Saturday 18th June 2-5pm on the recreation ground.

We thought we would take block printing and felt headbands on tour this summer. Both sessions are good for adults and little ones priced rather competitively at £8 each. If you are the kind of person who likes to feel booked and ready then we have put a few bookable sessions on our site, but otherwise you are very welcome to just rock up on the day.

Not free that Saturday? No worries, we are back out on Sunday 26th June at our local open day in Adlestrop. I feel like its been years since we realised that you could spend almost every weekend at a Cotswold fete.

Cream teas, dog shows, plant stalls with random things dug out of someones garden, the bric a brac stall - one mans rubbish is another mans perfect find and all that!

For those of you who haven‘t heard Emma and me say that when we started the business there were THREE very clear things we were not about, that we wouldn’t do....

No offsite venues

No working with children

No online sessions

You may also now realise we do all of these things and quite frankly, we can’t wait for the next one. So no sooner have we unpacked our bags from our fab Jubilee party at Adams Cotswold Farm Park, we are back out again.

To book your session go to On Tour on our website.

Father's Day: Yep, its just round the corner on Sunday 19th June.

We are looking forward to welcoming a few fathers with sons, daughters, wives to carve a spoon on Saturday 25th june. There are just a few places left so why not treat the old man and join us. If you think that sounds lovely for him, but you would rather settle down to a little candle making instead, but still enjoy our yummy Larkswold lunch, then we shall be running our ever popular scented candle session on the same day.

Oooooo there's a new button on the blog design menu - 'Poll' - must try...

Who is the craziest?

  • Emma and her obsession with weird glasses?

  • Melinda & her obsession with putting foliage on her head?

Well thats it for this week

Big Red and Felicity are still sitting on their eggs - Thanos and Daphne have been helping out when they can by sitting on Big Red! She is being very tolerant.

Enjoy whatever weather the weekend brings and we look forward to seeing those doing candles with us on Saturday and Glass Fusing Sunday.



PS: Emma has just noticed they are using her as the Hero shot on the Big Feastival website for the craft field. Rude considering we aren't going this year. I think she should try and get royalities!

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