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4 for 2024

Happy New Year you lot! How was it?

We had a pretty good one. Mr Larkswold and I celebrated our 20 long long years of marriage by going back to the hotel we were married at Billesley Manor. Of course we used it as a good excuse to hang out with Mr and Mrs Birch and celebrate our 3rd Larkswold Christmas.

We are not really open again until Friday 19th January kicking off with a little scented candle making, a team's belated Christmas gathering, 2 x Hen Parties, Silversmithing, Brush Lettering and Glass Fusing...and that's just the weekend!

Have you got your New Year Resolutions sorted (or are you one of those lot that doesn't buy into all that tosh?) Well I love a bit of New Year resolution setting and mine are:

1)Waste less food: I feel like I am constantly throwing out left overs and dubious looking vegetable items from my fridge

2)Learn to crochet: This one requires Emma to help me. I reckon it's something we should do as a club or something at Larkswold. Anyone interested?

3)Be more organised: I like structure. I like to know how my week is going to look with Yoga on a Wednesday, running on a Tuesday, team meeting on a ...whatever day etc etc. I shall be attempting to do these organised things past January!

4) Spend more time with my tribe. I love hanging out with people - pretty much all of them. But I particularly like the unique, weirdo, usually lacking a social filter types... You know who you guys are :-)

That is me - I shall let you know how they are going.

Flock Update: Living their best lives with flooded field and the knowledge I am knitting them each scarves :-) Yes we've had a LOT of rain recently and yes, the river flooded quite impressively, but it receded fairly quickly and despite everyone's concerns we remained high and dry - thanks so much to those that got in touch to see if we were ok.

Our dogs on the other hand are less keen on the wet - they are just embarrassing purely by being themselves.

But Hutch does do it in his own stylish way...

Oh - and I think I want to get a cat next - if not - I might just kidnap Martin!

Enjoy your January and hopefully we see you soon.



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Jan 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for multi-news update. Congratulations on anniversary, phew that the Big Flooding didn't jeopardise your home/sanity, looking forward to seeing the flock in their new hand-knitted scarves when I'm part of the ridiculously full-on back-to-everything weekend. (Very much looking forward to the glass fusing on the 21st.) Happy 2024! xx

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