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A day off!

Oh yes - I did it! A day off. We popped to London with my friend Jess-the-vet and our motley crew of children. We managed to squeeze in a visit to the visually inspiring Illusionaries exhibition, a mooch round Covent Garden, saw 'Noises Off' at Haymarket and had a little sushi before heading back on the train. I do love impromptu days where you just make it up as you go along and squeeze the most out of a day. I think the gentleman who shared the train table with us on the way back might not have loved Jess sharing an array of South African snack classics she picked up at Paddington such as billtong and something that resembles a meaty dog chew - let's hope he wasn't a vegetarian!

We had a very stylish night last night to celebrate Mr Birch's (Emma's other half) big 5 - 0. We put on our glad rags and Emma got voted as having the best legs (Edit by Emma: nice of you to say that but we all know Katrina has the best legs!)

We are off to do a little networking today at Dunkertons with the awesome Tash from Culpeppero & Co. Tash created the Larkswold brand and we are looking forward to finding out more about her latest project.

We have our first Resin Jewellery session tomorrow which is exciting. It's fully booked but if you fancy joining the next one is in the diary for March 16th 2024.

We are enjoying working on the business as we receive support from the British Library's 'Scaling Up' programme. We are looking at how we can make it easier for you to find what you are looking for on our website. Do message us (use email header: Better Business) if you have any feedback that would help us.

We also had the last Networking session this week for the year with Kyla from Copy Cafe who gave us all thought provoking and usable tips to improve our brand voices.


'laugh out loud' and

'makes me feel better about my own inadequacies' has been said about this weekly blog, so I'm now thinking I should probably work on reviewing that!

We will also be locking ourselves in a darkened room to put the dates together for the first part of 2024 next week. You guys are (if you don't mind me saying) very organised people. I get it, you want a little bit of Larkswold loveliness to look forward to and we are going to make sure we have lots of cool things for those serial visitors to try next.

Flock: What can I say, living their best lives with the current water levels. I'm proud that the majority now understand that ducks swim in rivers and as such have all had a little paddle time with out getting washed away with the increased flow due to flooding.

I can't think of anything Emma has dropped this week. I made a batch of pea, coconut and lime soup and shared 50% with the wall and window when I failed to put the lid on the blender properly! But other than that, I think we've been pretty professional.

Right - best get this over to Emma to check so you can actually read this without losing your poop due my appalling spelling and grammar.

Enjoy your weekend.



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