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Autumnal Come Back for the blog!


I am so sorry - its been a little while since my last blog in June. I have plenty of excuses/reasons but I think if I'm honest I wondered if anyone read them! Plenty of regular guests say they do, but the motivation to start again came from a lovely lady I met at a Gong Bath in Rollright who I didn't know and had never been to Larkswold. She was introduced and said that something must be wrong with her email as she hadn't received any of our blogs recently. I preceded to share that it was more accurate to say that something was wrong with my motivation to write.

Anyhoo - let's get onto the important stuff... The flock are fine.

Faces have come and gone and chicken coup 2.0 is well under construction. The new coup is needed to make for a more practical area with concrete floor (thankyou husband and son) so its easy to hose down - ducks are very messy!

Batman, Pei-king and Bertie have still got Claudia the pompom grey and Duck and Duck the white runner duck ladies in tow. John, the calling duck/bouncer, has Daphne the stunning black runner and one of his white duck ladies and two additional white ducks who literally the most neurotically scared ducks in the flock. They spend most of their day calling out to anyone that is listening that they maybe about to be murdered! I think John quite likes their neediness though, so everyone is happy.

'The Karens' are going through a bit of a moult so looking trimmer than ever before, Victoria the rescue chicken likes to hang out with me while I work on the never ending clean water requirements in the coup and Flora, Princess and the other one all happily eat, lay and sleep in the trees.

That just leaves the Cayuga boys - Jessie and Quack. I have to say I do have quite a soft spot for these guys. They are actually quite accepting of being picked up - that's when I am pulling them off Bertie or one of the the runner ladies they are squashing whilst bonking. They do try to sneak into the main coup most nights but accept they have their very own fully fitted coup under the trampoline to bed down in. Admittedly they only have each other to bonk once inside but they have fresh water and food to hand plus plenty of space so I don't know why they would want to be in with the hoy poloy!

All very good I hear you say - but it is actually a craft business you run Melinda - so what's new on offer at the moment?

Resin Botanical Jewellery: Saturday 4th November - 1 space left.

Emma (my one - not the one that runs this workshop) massively enjoyed this trial session earlier in the year. I have had plenty of compliments from people when I have worn the pendant and earrings. It combines our love of pretty dried flowers, funky jumbo glittery things and wearable craft. If you can't make the 4th or fancy trying it but want to come with a friend the following session will be on Saturday 16th March at 2pm.

Leather: Sunday 19th November - 4 spaces left.

OMG! If you haven't already seen the quite frankly stunning leads and collars that Emma and I have made in the trial run session of this spankingly new workshop you clearly need to get meta onto your algorithm set up and find out why you arent seeing more of our social posts! The softest leather in the most sumptous colours combines with a trillion colour choices for whipping the lead to make a completed bespoke present for you pooch. Emma 'poo poo'd' my comment that we would defo get people buying this workshop as a gift from their puppy to their loved one - well - she's been royaly proved wrong on that one! 4 spots left on Sunday 19th November. Come and join us for the morning and make the lead and collar or spend the day and have a spot of lunch and block print your pup a bandanna.

What Emma did next...

Well to be honest with you - not a lot! She has been under the weather with a cold/hay fever/something else for ages. I have highlighted that she might need to up her HRT levels now she is getting old! The highlights recently have been serving a pot of tea, milk jug and cup to a lovely guest - all looked good until the guest realised the teapot had no water in it - or in fact a teabag - oh and no milk in the jug... guests can be so picky sometimes.

Anyway - go enjoy your weekend. We're looking forward to those that are with us for arm knitting, lino printing or for a birthday celebration this weekend - and to the rest of you - check out Larkswold at Christmas. Plenty of you have booked your annual wreath making with us and plenty are booked to weave the stags head and felt the lovely Snowy the Christmas mouse.

What do you want more of in the blog?

  • Embarrasing photos of Em?

  • Ducks?


Melinda x

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