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Botanical Resin

So last week I mentioned that Pip the dog and I were considering striking, but this week we are definitely happy team members. Emma and I have just spent a wonderful morning trialling the new botanical resin jewellery workshop with the lovely Emma (yes another one) from Nature's Inspiration. If you haven't tried this craft you are really going to love it.

As any good craft workshop owners, Emma and I trialled a number of issues that might really occur in such a session - we are not messy and clumsy you understand! It was all planned. Emma stuck her pendant necklaces to her apron by leaning on them and I knocked over my earring holder. I got on whilst Emma got lost in the glitter pots and then I turned myself green (my fav green moss colour) covering my gloves and anything else in my vicinity. In reality, it was because we were like kids in a sweet shop, getting our poor tutor Emma to show us loads of extra things which wouldn't normally be included in the 3 hour session.

So anyone coming to the studio this weekend can see us each modelling our items which include:

2 pendants (plus chains)

2 sets of earrings

2 rings

I can already see how people will want to make these for themselves and presents for others. Up and coming dates for resin are:

  • Saturday 22nd April

  • Sunday 25th June

  • Thursday 14th September

  • Saturday 4th November

Tomorrow (Saturday) is our first sketch and watercolour session with Jill Jarvis. I get to have a go on this as well (if you remember Emma got to play at Brush Lettering last year). I then pack my bag and catch the train to the big smoke for a weeks programme at the London school of Mosaic. Not a bad life really...

Don't forget we start our Easter tour next Saturday at The Cotswold Farm Park (April 1st - 16th) then we're also at Winchcombe Steam Railway from the Tuesday for 10 days. Apparently any child who comes and crafts with us at Winchcombe over Easter will get a free ticket to ride the train and visit us in the summer for the Wild at Winchcombe crafts. It'd be lovely to see your friendly faces at either venue if you feel like popping along.

The sun is shinning and its Friday - woohoo.

Enjoy !



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