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Fathers Day

It only seems 5 minutes since we did Father's Day last year! Have your sorted something? (It's Sunday 18th June in case you're not sure). What about coming to Larkswold and doing spoon carving on Saturday 17th June? Send him for us to look after or why not join him and enjoy the day together? £140 for good old dad - book in two and get 50% of the second spot.

Baby Shower Block Printing

Super cute baby grows printed by Olivia and her friends baby shower last week. Wish I had looked so stunning when I was pregnant :-)


Wild weaving, well just weaving - its tooootally immersive and since starting with our giant loom at the Cheltenham Science Festival this week we have both decided we need to do more. Wonderfully peaceful and rhythmic, you can weave wool, string, grasses, raffia, sticks, leaves...anything really with wonderful results.

Could not help mentionning the school that came to the Science Festival with the labelled sick buckets which apparently get good use on the coaches!!!

Please also note the big kid (bottom right picture) Emma having a little time out in the Lego pool!

The big kid (Emma) has also been a grown up and bought swanky new sofas for her house having painted her downstairs living area a tasteful sage green. Viewings are strictly on an appointment only basis!

ooOOH! A place has become free for Sarah Parmenter's Metallics Masterclass on 24th June. Full day with lunch (£140pp). Follow the link to book - it will take you to Sarah's website!

Flock Update

Everyone is getting on well and bonking levels are slowly subsiding. Nancy has made a miraculous recovery after her run in with Frederick the cockerel and is now happily back to filling her face with layer pellets with the voluptuous Karens (Orpingtons).

I think that's it from us. Loving the sun and summer flowering season and looking forward to June flying by in a flash as fast as May did.

Enjoy x


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