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Happy Birthday Emma

Yep, 4th February is Birchies big Five-0!

E- economical. She really is- no scrap of cake mix goes unbaked or paint wasted. She actually has many wonderful E characteristics, including Efficient, Excitable, Eagle-eyed...oh yes and Elderly (Tee hee)

M- marvellous married moral and sometimes ...

M- muddled 🫣

A- angelic ....ok so she is but more obvious is that Em is 100% authentic, Amazing and Awesome.

In Emma's 50 years she has not only snagged herself her charming husband Dan, brought up two wonderful teenagers Jess and Theo who are a total credit to her, and homed two very grateful stray pups Hutch and Oti...oh and graciously agreed to come on the best adventure I think either of us could have hoped for in starting Larkswold.

If you have a pic of Em that you would like to share, do send it over or share it on our socials. She is of course, effortlessly photogenic, but feel free to dig out the embarrassing one too 😇


We had a wonderfully emotional start to networking yesterday run by Sandra @SMADAR. Alan from Acorns Children’s Hospice popped in to tell us more about the charity and invited anyone (business or individual) to their networking event at the White Hart in Moreton in Marsh on 28th February 10am to just get to know the community. He sold it to us with the mention of free tea and cake. 🍰

Alan also shared a great idea called the gratitude jar, where you jot down notes of what you are grateful for. He created one for his wife so when she needs a little boost she can grab one from the jar and feel appreciated.

It is such a cool idea, so Emma and I are starting one in the run-up to Valentine's Day to cherish all the reasons we love running Larkswold.

Coming up:

Finally, we have a full calendar of events. Need to book something? Use this link to see dates by craft.

Want to hang out at our Date Night to make a leather cardholder but don't want to bring your husband? (We've had some requests, so thought we would clarify) The answer is yes; we are totally happy for singles, friends and those who just fancy making a cardholder.

The recipe this week is Chocolate Brownies. They have been a firm favourite from the very beginning of Larkswold, and we find they are best served slightly goey with extra Cadbury's chocolate chunks.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned, and see you soon.


M x

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