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Happy Birthday Mrs B!

Yes, the slim cake eating one of the two Larkswold ladies has another birthday this weekend. In honour of this Emma has invited our little friendship group to a children's themed party at her place. Jelly, icecream, triangle sandwiches with the crusts cut off and cheese and pineapple on sticks - what's not to love! I am personally also pleased to hear that a special Empress gin/prosecco cocktail will be on offer as well as plenty of everyones favourite children's party games...

Em has kindly played the fall guy for many of my jokes and has always cheered a weary Larkswold guest with the lightest of light victoria sponges or the shortest of short pastry. Emma has brought not only her attention to awesome craft capabilities to our little business, but also (as one of our tutors commented the other day) a grounding needed to keep the crazy one (I am pretty sure she meant crazy in a good way) in the realms of reality with her world domination plans. I am also incredibly in awe of kindness to random old ladies who need a lift to get home, litter picking for the greater good and beauty of our area and fierce desire to live as sustainbly and plastic free as possible.

Happy birthday Mrs Emma Birch!

We have also been busy this week working on new partnerships with the Classic Motor Hub who would quite like us to spread a little Larkswold crafty magic at the July event, the Three Counties Malvern show who would like Larkswold to headline their crafty section at the May garden show, and lets not forget ours and everyone elses favourite steam railway station at Winchcombe who have invited us back both at Easter and during the summer for their Wild at Winchcombe season. What can I say, we feel very honoured to be asked to do all of these fab things and sneak out the studio for a few days.

Blue Poop?

Have you made your blue muffins for the Zoe research? Well at networking today we made a batch to give to all our lovely guests. If you fancy finding out more about your Microbiome and digestion, take a look at

I will leave you with a little taster of the loveliness going on this week in the studio, and hope that we will be able to tempt you with a number of our new and exciting workshops coming soon.

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