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How do we feel about mess?

Cool with it? What mess? But I’m just expressing my inner creative! There’s no point putting it all away, because I will just need to need to get it all out again tomorrow!

We do have a lot of your messy creative types coming to Larkswold but we also have plenty of you ‘No, I’m not creative at all’ as well those who ‘can't be doing with all the mess’.

We welcome you all, and we get it. Lovely Lynne comes to turn Larkswold from ‘break-in chic’ to effortlessly styled (which takes loads of effort) and we seriously couldn’t cope without her. Mrs Siv gets a kick out of organizing our stock and bringing sense to the multitude of creative obsessions that Emma and I have embarked upon.

The fan-dabby-dozy side of this, is the Larkswold team is set up to allow you to come and try out a wonderful craft, try superb cake, maybe have a little tipple and then walk away proud as punch with a wreath, candle, blanket or something else uber cool. The best bit?


That’s on us and we get a bit twitchy when guests try to do some.

It’s wonderful losing yourself making something, stepping off the rat race for a moment or out of your all too familiar four walls to laugh and soak up the magical Larkswold marquee and then tootle back home (or if you are really lucky, back to one of our wonderful hotels, cottages or B&Bs in the Cotswolds) to your lovely clean, tidy space.

I hear you…. the space back home isn’t actually tidy, and here’s the thing, think holistically. Why not book a cleaner and then come hang out with us. Double whammy on the happiness and indulgence front.

It’s just an idea!

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